Hebreus 11

1 But faith is, of things hoped for, a confidence, of facts, a conviction, when they are not seen;

2 For, thereby, well-attested were the ancients.

3 By faith, we understand the ages to have been fitted together, by declaration of God,to the end that, not out of things appearing, should that which is seen, have come into existence.

4 By faith, a fuller sacrifice, did Abel, offer unto God, than Cain,through which, he received witness that he was righteous, there being a witnessing upon his gifts, by God; and, through it, though he died, he yet is speaking.

5 By faith, Enoch was translated, so as not to see death, and was not found, because that, God, had translated him; for, before the translation, he had received witness that he had become well-pleasing unto God;

6 But, apart from faith, it is impossible to be well-pleasing; for he that approacheth unto Godmust needs have faith, that he is, and that, to them who seek him out, a rewarder he becometh.

7 By faith, Noah, having received intimation concerning the things not yet seen, filled with reverence, prepared an ark to the saving of his housethrough which he condemned the world, and, of the righteousness by way of faith, became heir.

8 By faith, being called, Abraham obeyedto come forth into a place he was destined to receive for an inheritance; and he came forth, not well knowing whither he was coming.

9 By faith, he sojourned in the land of promise, as a foreign land, in tents, dwelling, along with Isaac and Jacob, the joint-heirs of the same promise;

10 For he was awaiting the city having foundations, whose architect and builder is, God.

11 By faith, even Sarah herself, received power for founding a seed, even beyond the season of lifes prime,seeing that, faithful, she reckoned, him that had promised;

12 Wherefore, even from one, were born, and, as to these things, one who had become dead,like the stars of the heaven, for multitude, and as the sand that is by the lip of the sea, that cannot be numbered.

13 In faith, all these diednot bearing away the promises, but, from afar, beholding and saluting them, and confessing that, strangers and sojourners, were they upon the land.

14 For, they who such things as these are saying, make it clear that, of a paternal home they are in quest;

15 And, if indeed of that they had been mindful, from which they had come out, they might, in that case, have had an opportunity, to return;

16 But, now, after a better one, are they reaching, that is, a heavenly; wherefore God is not ashamed of them, to be invoked as, their God,for he hath prepared for them, a city.

17 By faith, Abraham, when tested, offered up Isaac, and, the only-begotten, would he have offered up, who the promises had accepted,

18 Even him of whom it had been saidIn Isaac, shall there be called to thee, a seed:

19 Accounting that, even from among the dead, God, was able, to raise ,whence, even in similitude, he bare him away.

20 By faith, even concerning things to come, did Isaac bless Jacob and Esau.

21 By faith, Jacob, when about to die, blessed each of the sons of Joseph; and bowed in worship on the top of his staff.

22 By faith, Joseph, when drawing to his endconcerning the exodus of the sons of Israel, called to remembrance, and, concerning his bones, gave commandment.

23 By faith, Moses, when bornwas hid three months by his parents, because, they saw, that, goodly, was, the child, and were not affrighted, at the decree of the king.

24 By faith, Moses, when grown uprefused to be called the son of a daughter of a Pharaoh,

25 Rather choosingto be jointly suffering ill-treatment with the people of God, than, for a season, to be having, sins enjoyment;

26 Accountingas greater riches than Egypts treasures, the reproach of the Anointed One; for he was looking away unto the recompense.

27 By faith, he forsook Egyptnot put in fear of the wrath of the king; for, as seeing him who cannot be seen, he persevered.

28 By faith, he hath kept the passover and the besmearing of the blood, lest, he that was destroying the first-born, should be touching them.

29 By faith, they passed through the Red Sea, as over dry land,which the Egyptians, seizing an attempt to do, were swallowed up.

30 By faith, the walls of Jericho, fell, having been surrounded for seven days.

31 By faith, Rahab the harlot perished not with them who refused to yield, she having welcomed the spies with peace.

32 And what more can I say? For, time, will fail me while I go on tellingconcerning Gideon, Barak, Sampson, Jephthah, David also, and Samuel, and the prophets,

33 Who, through faithprevailed in contest over kingdoms, wrought righteousness, attained unto promises, shut the mouths of lions,

34 Quenched the power of fire, escaped the mouths of the sword, were made powerful from weakness, became mighty in battle, overturned, camps of aliens;

35 Women received, by resurrection, their dead; but, others, were put to the rack, not accepting redemption, that, unto a better resurrection, they might attain:

36 Others, again, of mockings and scourgings, received trial, nay! further, of bonds and imprisonments:

37 They were stoned, were pierced through, were sawn asunder, by murder, with a sword, died, went about in sheep-skins, in goat-hides,being in want, suffering tribulation, enduring ill-treatment:

38 Of whom the world, was not worthyupon deserts, wandering, and mountains, and in caves,and in the caverns of the earth.

39 And, these all, though they obtained witness through their faith, yet bare not away, the promise:

40 God, for us, something better providing,that, not apart from us, should they be made, perfect.