Hebreus 3

1 Whence, holy brethren, partners, in a heavenly calling, attentively consider the Apostle and Highpriest of our confessionJesus

2 As one, faithful, to him who made him: as, Moses also, in all his house.

3 For, of more glory than Moses, hath, this one been counted worthyby as much as more honour than, the house, hath, he that prepared it;

4 For, every house, is prepared by someone,but, he that hath prepared all things, is, God.

5 Even Moses, indeed, was faithful in all his house, as an attendant, for a witness of the things which were to be spoken;

6 But, Christ, as, a Son, over his house,whose house are, we,if, the freedom of speech and boast of the hope, throughout, firm, we hold fast.

7 Wherefore,according as saith the Holy SpiritTo-day, if, unto his voice ye would hearken, do not

8 harden your hearts,as in the embitterment, in the day of testing in the desert,

9 When your fathers tested by proving, and saw my works forty years.

10 Wherefore I was sore vexed with this generation, and said, Always err they in their heart;howbeit, they, learned not my ways:

11 So I sware in mine angerthey shall not enter into my rest!

12 Be taking heed, brethren, lest at any time, there shall be in any one of you, a wicked heart of unbelief, in revolting from a Living God.

13 But be exhorting one another, on each successive day,while the To-day is being named! lest any from among you be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin.

14 For, partners of the Christ, have we become,if, at least, the beginning of the confidence, throughout, firm, we hold fast:

15 So long as it is saidTo-day, if, unto his voice, ye would hearken, do not harden your hearts,as in the embitterment.

16 For, who, though they heard, caused embitterment? Nay, indeed! did not all who come forth out of Egypt through Moses?

17 But, with whom, was be sore vexed forty years? Was it not with them who sinned, whose dead bodies fell in the desert?

18 But, unto whom, sware he, that they should not enter into his rest,save unto them who were obstinate?

19 And we see, that they were not able to enter, because of unbelief.