Hebreus 4

1 Let us therefore fear, lest at any time, although there is left behind a promise of entering into his rest,any one from amongst you should be deemed, to have come short;

2 For we have had delivered to us the joyful message, just as even, they; but the word which was heard did not profit them, they not having been blended, by faith, with the things heard.

3 For we who have believed, are to enter into the rest, according as he hath saidSo I sware in mine anger, They shall not enter into my rest; And yet, the works, from the foundation of the world, had been brought into existence,

4 For he hath spoken, somewhere, concerning the seventh , thusAnd God rested, on the seventh day, from all his works;

5 And in this againThey shall not enter into my rest.

6 Seeing, therefore, that it is left over for, some, to enter into it, and, they who formerly had delivered to them the joyful message, entered not in by reason of obstinacy,

7 Again, he marketh out a certain day, To-day, in David, sayingafter so long a time as this,according as it hath been said before:To-day, if, unto his voice, ye would hearken, do not harden your hearts.

8 For, if, unto them, Joshua had given rest, it had not in that case, concerning another day, been speaking, after, these things.

9 Hence there is, left over, a Sabbath-keeping, for the people of God.

10 For, he that hath entered into his rest, He too, hath rested from his works, just as, from his own, God,

11 Let us, therefore, give diligence to enter into that rest, lest anyone fall into the same example, of obstinacy.

12 For, living, is the word of God, and, energetic, and more cutting than any knife with two edges, and penetrating as far as a dividing asunder of soul and spirit, of joints also, and marrow, and able to judge the impulses and designs of the heart;

13 And there is, no created thing, can be secreted before him, but, all things, are naked and exposed to his eyes:as to whom is, our discourse.

14 Having then a great high-priest who hath passed through the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold fast the confession;

15 For we have not a high-priest unable to have fellow-feeling with our weaknesses, but one tested in all respects, by way of likeness, apart from sin.

16 Let us, then, be approaching with freedom of speech, unto the throne of favour, that we may receive mercy, and, favour, may find, for seasonable succour.