1 Coríntios 4

1 Let a man so reckon us as officers of Christ, and stewards of the secrets of God,

2 and as to the rest, it is required in the stewards that one may be found faithful,

3 and to me it is for a very little thing that by you I may be judged, or by man's day, but not even myself do I judge,

4 for of nothing to myself have I been conscious, but not in this have I been declared right -- and he who is discerning me is the Lord:

5 so, then, nothing before the time judge you, till the Lord may come, who will both bring to light the hidden things of the darkness, and will manifest the counsels of the hearts, and then the praise shall come to each from God.

6 And these things, brethren, I did transfer to myself and to Apollos because of you, that in us you may learn not to think above that which has been written, that you may not be puffed up one for one against the other,

7 for who does make you to differ? and what have you, that you did not receive? and if you did also receive, why do you glory as not having received?

8 Already you are having been filled, already you were rich, apart from us you did reign, and I would also you did reign, that we also with you may reign together,

9 for I think that God did set forth us the apostles last -- as appointed to death, because a spectacle we became to the world, and messengers, and men;

10 we are fools because of Christ, and you wise in Christ; we are ailing, and you strong; you glorious, and we dishonoured;

11 unto the present hour we both hunger, and thirst, and are naked, and are buffeted, and wander about,

12 and labour, working with our own hands; being reviled, we bless; being persecuted, we suffer;

13 being spoken evil of, we entreat; as filth of the world we did become -- of all things an offscouring -- till now.

14 Not as putting you to shame do I write these things, but as my beloved children I do admonish,

15 for if a myriad of child-conductors you may have in Christ, yet not many fathers; for in Christ Jesus, through the good news, I -- I did beget you;

16 I call upon you, therefore, become you followers of me;

17 because of this I sent to you Timotheus, who is my child, beloved and faithful in the Lord, who shall remind you of my ways in Christ, according as everywhere in every assembly I teach.

18 And as if I were not coming unto you certain were puffed up;

19 but I will come quickly unto you, if the Lord may will, and I will know not the word of those puffed up, but the power;

20 for not in word is the reign of God, but in power?

21 what do you wish? with a rod shall I come unto you, or in love, with a spirit also of meekness?