I give thanks to my God upon all the remembrance of you,

Filipenses 1:3

beloved, concerning all things I desire you to prosper, and to be in health, even as your soul does prosper,

3 João 1:2

I give thanks to my God always concerning you for the grace of God that was given to you in Christ Jesus,

1 Coríntios 1:4

and happy is she who did believe, for there shall be a completion to the things spoken to her from the Lord.'

Lucas 1:45

the good strife I have striven, the course I have finished, the faith I have kept,

2 Timóteo 4:7

and to God are thanks, who at all times is leading us in triumph in the Christ, and the fragrance of His knowledge He is manifesting through us in every place,

2 Coríntios 2:14

and stedfast is the Lord, who shall establish you, and shall guard you from the evil;

2 Tessalonicenses 3:3