1 Then the LORde sayd vnto Abra Gett the out of thy contre and from thy kynred and out of thy fathers house into a londe which I wyll shewe the.

2 And I wyll make of the a myghtie people and wyll blesse the and make thy name grete that thou mayst be a blessinge.

3 And I wyll blesse the that blesse the ad curse the that curse the. And in the shall be blessed all the generations of the erth.

4 And Abram wet as the LORde badd hym and Lot went wyth him. Abram was .lxxv. yere olde when he went out of Haran.

5 And Abram toke Sarai his wyfe ad Lot his brothers sonne wyth all their goodes which they had goten and soulles which they had begoten in Haran. And they departed to goo in to the lade of Chanaan. And when they were come in to the lande of Chanaan

6 Abram went furth in to the lade tyll he came vnto a place called Sychem and vnto the oke of More. And the Canaanytes dwelled then in the lande.

7 Then the LORde apeared vnto Abram ad sayd: vnto thy seed wyll I geue thys lade. And he buylded an aultere there vnto the LORDE which apeared to hym.

8 Then departed he thence vnto a mountayne that lyeth on the east syde of BETHEL and pytched hys tente: BETHEL beynge on the west syde and Ay on the east: And he buylded there an aulter vnto the LORde and called on the name of ye LORde.

9 And than Abram departed and toke his iourney southwarde

10 After thys there came a derth in the lande. And Abram went doune in to Egipte to soiourne there for the derth was sore in the lande.

11 And when he was come nye for to entre in to Egipte he sayd vnto sarai his wife. Beholde I knowe that thou art a fayre woman to loke apo.

12 It wyll come to passe therfore whe the Egiptians see the that they wyll say: she is his wyfe. And so shall they sley me and save the.

13 saye I praye the therfore that thou art my sister that I maye fare the better by reason of the and that my soule maye lyue for thy sake.

14 As soone as he came in to Egipte the Egiptias sawe the woman that she was very fayre.

15 And Pharaos lordes sawe hir also and praysed hir vnto Pharao: So that she was taken in to Pharaos house

16 which entreated Abram well for hir sake so that he had shepe oxsen ad he asses men seruantes mayde seruates she asses and camels.

17 But God plaged Pharao and his house wyth grete plages because of Sarai Abrams wyfe.

18 Then Pharao called Abram and sayd: why hast thou thus dealt with me? Wherfore toldest thou me not that she was thy wyfe?

19 Why saydest thou that she was thy sister and causedest me to take hyr to my wyfe? But now loo there is the wife take hir ad be walkynge.

20 Pharao also gaue a charge vnto his men over Abram to leade hym out wyth his wyfe and all that he had.