1 Coríntios 5

1 In al maner fornycacioun is herd among you, and siche fornycacioun, which is not among hethene men, so that summan haue the wijf of his fadir.

2 And ye ben bolnyd with pride, and not more hadden weilyng, that he that dide this werk, be takun awei fro the myddil of you.

3 And Y absent in bodi, but present in spirit, now haue demyd as present hym that hath thus wrouyt, whanne

4 ye ben gaderid togidere in the name of oure Lord Jhesu Crist, and my spirit, with the vertu of the Lord Jhesu,

5 to take siche a man to Sathanas, in to the perischyng of fleisch, that the spirit be saaf in the dai of oure Lord Jhesu Crist.

6 Youre gloriyng is not good. Witen ye not, that a litil sourdow apeyrith al the gobet?

7 Clense ye out the old sourdow, that ye be new sprengyng togidere, as ye ben therf. For Crist offrid is oure pask.

8 Therfor ete we, not in eld sourdowy, nether in sourdowy of malice and weywardnesse, but in therf thingis of clernesse and of treuthe.

9 I wroot to you in a pistle, that ye be not medlid with letchours,

10 not with letchours of this world, ne coueitous men, ne raueynours, ne with men seruynge to mawmetis, ellis ye schulden haue go out of this world.

11 But now Y wroot to you, that ye be not meynd. But if he that is named a brother among you, and is a letchour, or coueitouse, or seruynge to ydols, or cursere, or ful of drunkenesse, or raueynour, to take no mete with siche.

12 For what is it to me to deme of hem that ben with oute forth? Whether ye demen not of thingis that ben with ynne forth?

13 For God schal deme hem that ben withouten forth. Do ye awei yuel fro you silf.