1 Coríntios 6

1 Dar any of you that hath a cause ayens another, be demed at wickid men, and not at hooli men?

2 Whether ye witen not, that seyntis schulen deme of this world? And if the world schal be demed bi you, be ye vnworthi to deme of the leste thingis?

3 Witen ye not, that we schulen deme aungels? hou myche more worldli thingis?

4 Therfor if ye han worldli domes, ordeyne ye tho contemptible men, that ben in the chirche, to deme.

5 Y seie to make you aschamed. So ther is not ony wise man, that may deme bitwixe a brothir and his brothir;

6 but a brothir with brothir stryueth in dom, and that among vnfeithful men.

7 And now trespas is algatis in you, for ye han domes among you. Whi rather take ye no wrong? whi rather suffre ye not disseit?

8 But and ye doen wrong, and doen fraude, and that to britheren.

9 Whether ye witen not, that wickid men schulen not welde the kyngdom of God? Nyle ye erre; nethir letchours, nether men that seruen mawmetis, nether auouteris,

10 nether letchouris ayen kynde, nether thei that doon letcheri with men, nether theues, nether auerouse men, nethir `ful of drunkenesse, nether curseris, nether rauenours, schulen welde the kyngdom of God.

11 And ye weren sum tyme these thingis; but ye ben waischun, but ye ben halewid, but ye ben iustefied in the name of oure Lord Jhesu Crist, and in the spirit of oure God.

12 Alle thingis ben leeueful to me, but not alle thingis ben spedeful. Alle thingis ben leeueful to me, but Y schal not be brouyt doun vndur ony mannus power.

13 Mete to the wombe, and the wombe to metis; and God schal distruye bothe this and that. And the bodi not to fornycacioun, but to the Lord, and the Lord to the bodi.

14 For God reiside the Lord, and schal reise vs bi his vertu.

15 Witen ye not, that youre bodies ben membris of Crist? Schal Y thanne take the membris of Crist, and schal Y make the membris of an hoore? God forbede.

16 Whether ye witen not, that he that cleueth to an hoore, is maad o bodi? For he seith, Ther schulen be tweyne in o fleisch.

17 And he that cleueth to the Lord, is o spirit.

18 Fle ye fornycacioun; al synne what euere synne a man doith, is with out the bodi; but he that doith fornycacioun, synneth ayens his bodi.

19 Whether ye witen not, that youre membris ben the temple of the Hooli Goost, that is in you, whom ye han of God, and ye ben not youre owne?

20 For ye ben bouyt with greet prijs. Glorifie ye, and bere ye God in youre bodi.