1 Maccabees 13

1 And as Symount herde, that Trifon gaderide a greet oost, for to come in to the lond of Juda,

2 and for to distrie it, and siy that the puple was in tremblyng and drede, he stiy vp to Jerusalem, and gaderide the puple;

3 and monestide, and seide, Ye witen, hou grete thingis Y, and my britheren, and the hous of my fadir, han do, for lawis, and for hooli thingis, batels, and what maner angwischis we saien.

4 For loue of these thingis alle my britheren perischiden for Israel, and Y aloone am left.

5 And now bifalle it not to me, for to spare my lijf in al the tyme of tribulacioun; for Y am not betere than my britheren.

6 Therfor Y schal venge my folc, and hooli thingis, and oure children, and wyues; for alle hethene men ben gaderid, for to distrie vs, bi cause of enemyte.

7 And the spirit of the puple was kyndlid togidere, as it herde these wordis.

8 And thei answeriden with greet vois, seiynge, Thou art oure duyk in stide of Judas, and Jonathas, thi brother; fiyte thou oure batel,

9 and alle thingis what euere thou schalt seie to vs, we schulen do.

10 And he gaderide alle men fiyteris, and hastide for to ende alle wallis of Jerusalem, and strengthide it in cumpas.

11 And he sente Jonathas, the sone of Absolomy, and with hym a newe oost, in to Joppe. And whanne he hadde put out these men that weren in it, he dwelte there.

12 And Trifon mouyde fro Tolomaida with myche oost, for to come in to the lond of Juda, and Jonathas with hym in kepyng.

13 Forsothe Symount appliede in Addus, ayens the face of the feeld.

14 And as Trifon knew, that Symount roos in the stide of his brother Jonathas, and that he was to ioynynge batel with hym, he sente to hym legatis,

15 and seide, For siluer, that thi brother Jonatas ouyte in acountis of the kyng, we withhelden hym.

16 And nowe sende thou an hundrid talentis of siluer, and hise twei sones pleggis, that he not dismyttid fle fro vs, and we schulen ayensende hym.

17 And Symount knew, that with gile he spak with hym. Netheles he comaundide the siluer for to be youun, and children, leste he schulde take grete enemytee at the puple of Israel, seiynge, For he sente not to hym siluer and children,

18 therfor he perischide.

19 And he sente the children, and an hundrid talentis. And he liede, and dismyttide not Jonathas.

20 And after these thingis Trifon cam with ynne the cuntre, for to distrie it. And thei cumpassiden bi the weie that ledith to Ador; and Symount and his oost walkiden in to ech place, whidur euere thei wenten.

21 Sotheli thei that weren in the hiy tour, senten legatis to Trifon, for to haste to come bi desert, and sende to hem foodis.

22 And Trifon made redi al the multitude of horse men, for to come in that nyyt. Sotheli ther was ful myche snow, and he cam not in to Galadithym.

23 And whanne he neiyede to Baschama, he slow Jonathas and hise sones there.

24 And Trifon turnede, and wente in to his lond.

25 And Symount sente, and took the boonus of Jonathas, his brother, and biride tho in Modyn, the citee of hise fadris.

26 And al Israel biweiliden hym with greet weilyng, and thei bymourenyde hym many daies.

27 And Symount bildide on the sepulcre of his fadir and hise britheren an hiy bildyng in siyt, with stoon polischid bihynde and bifore.

28 And he ordeynede seuene smale bildyngis, brood bynethe and scharp aboue, oon ayens oon, to fadir, and modir, and foure britheren.

29 And to these he puttide aboute grete pilers, and on the pileris armeris, to euerlastynge mynde; and bisidis armeris schippis grauun, whiche schulden be seyn of men seilynge in the see.

30 This is the sepulcre that Symount maad in Modyn, til in to this day.

31 Forsothe whanne Trifon made weie with Antiok, the yonge kyng, in gile he slow hym, and regnyde in his stide;

32 and puttide on hym the diademe of Asie, and made greet veniaunce in the lond.

33 And Symount bildide strengthis of Judee, and wardide hem with hiy touris, and grete wallis, and yatis, and lockis; and puttide foodis in strengthingis.

34 And Symount chees men, and sente to kyng Demetrie, that he schulde make remyssioun to the cuntree, for alle dedis of Trifon weren don bi rauyschyng.

35 And kyng Demetrie answeride to hym to these wordis, and wroot suche epistle.

36 Kyng Demetrie to Symount, hiyeste prest, and frend of kyngis, and to the eldere men, and folc of Jewis, heelthe.

37 We resseyueden the goldun coroun, and baheu, which ye senten, and ben redi for to make with you greet pees, and for to write to prepostis of the kyng, for to releesse to you what thingis we foryauen;

38 for what euere thingis we ordeynen to you, ben stable. The strengthis that ye bildiden, be to you; and we forgyuen ignorances and synnes,

39 til in to this dai, and the coroun that ye ouyten; and if ony other thing was tributarie in Jerusalem, now be it not tributarie.

40 And if ony of you ben able for to be writun togidere among oure men, be thei writun togidere, and pees be bitwixe vs.

41 In the hundrid yeer and seuentithe, the yok of hethene men was takun awei fro Israel.

42 And the puple began for to write in tablis, and comyn doyngis, in the firste yeer vndur Symount, hiyeste prest, greet duyk, and prince of Jewis.

43 In tho daies Symount appliede to Gasan, and enuyrownyde it with tentis, and made engines, and appliede to the citee, and smoot o tour, and took it.

44 And thei that braken out, weren with ynne the engyne in the cite, and greet stiryng was maad in the cite.

45 And thei stieden vp, that weren in the cite, with her wyues, and sones, on the wal, with her cootis kit, and crieden with greet vois axynge of Symount that riythondis be youun to hem,

46 and seiden, Yelde thou not to vs bi oure malices, but bi thi mercies, and we schulen serue to thee.

47 And Symount was bowid, and fauyt not ayens hem; netheles he castide hem out of the citee, and clenside fulli the housis in whiche weren symylacris, and thanne he entride in to it with ympnes, and blesside the Lord.

48 And whanne alle vnclennesse was caste out therof, he settide therynne men, that schulden do the lawe; and he strengthide it, and made an abitacioun to him.

49 Forsothe thei that weren in the hiy tour of Jerusalem, weren forbodun for to go out and go yn, in to the cuntre, and bie, and sille; and thei hungriden greetli, and many of hem perischiden for hungur.

50 And thei crieden to Symount, for to take riyt hondis, and he yaf to hem; and he castide out hem fro thennus, and clenside the hiy tour fro defoulingis.

51 And thei entriden in to it in thre and twentithe dai of the secounde monethe, in the hundrid and oon and seuenty yeer, with heriyng, and braunchis of palmes, and instrumentis of musik, `ether giternys, and cymbalis, and harpis, and ympnys, and songis, for the greet enemye of Israel was al to-brokun.

52 And he ordeynede, that in alle yeeris these daies schulden be don with gladnesse.

53 And he strengthide the hil of the temple, that was bisidis the hiy tour, and dwelte there, he, and thei that weren with hym.

54 And Symount siy Joon, his sone, that he was a man of batel, and he puttide hym duyk of alle vertues, and he dwelte in Gasaris.