1 Maccabees 16

1 And Joon stiede fro Gasara, and telde to Symount, his fader, what thingis Cendebius dide in the puple of hem.

2 And Symount clepide his tweyne eldere sones, Judas and Joon, and seide to hem, Y, and my britheren, and the hous of my fadir, han ouercomun the enemyes of Israel, fro yongthe til in to this dai; and it hadde prosperite in oure hondis, for to delyuere Israel sum times.

3 Forsothe now Y haue eldid, but be ye in my stide, and of my brother, and go ye out, and fiyte for oure folc; forsothe helpe of heuene be with you.

4 And he chees of the cuntrei twenti thousynde of fiytinge men, and horse men; and thei wenten out to Cendebeus, and slepten in Modyn.

5 And thei risiden eerli, and wenten in to the feeld, and lo! a copiouse oost cam in to metyng of hem, of foot men and horse men; and a rennynge flood was bitwixe the myddis of hem.

6 And he and his puple mouede the scheltruns ayens the face of hem, and he siy the puple tremblynge to passe ouer the streeme of water, and he passide ouer the firste; and men siyen hym, and passiden aftir hym.

7 And he departide the puple and horse men in the myddil of foot men; forsothe the multitude of horse men of aduersaries was ful plenteuouse.

8 And thei crieden an hiy with hooli trumpis; and Cendebeus was turned in to fliyt, and his oost, and many of hem fellen woundid; sotheli the residues fledden in to strengthe.

9 Thanne Judas, the brother of Joon, was woundid; forsothe Joon pursuede hem, til Cendebeus cam to Cedrona, which he bildide.

10 And thei fledden til to touris, that weren in the feeldis of Azotus, and he brente hem with fier; and ther fellen of hem two thousynde of men, and he turnede ayen in to Judee in pees.

11 And Tolome, the sone of Abobi, was ordeyned duyk in the feld of Jerico, and hadde myche siluer and gold;

12 for he weddid the douyter of the hiyeste preest.

13 And the herte of hym was reisid, and he wolde welde the cuntre; and he thouyte gile ayens Symount and his sones, for to do awei hem.

14 Forsothe Symount walkide bi citees that weren in the cuntre of Judee, and bar bisynesse of hem, and cam doun in to Jerico, he, and Matatias, his sone, and Judas, in the hundrid yeer and seuene and seuentithe, in the enleuenthe monethe; this is the monethe Sabath.

15 And the sone of Abobi resseyuede him in to a litil strengthe, that is clepid Doth, with gile, which he bildide; and made to hem a greet feeste, and hidde men ther.

16 And whanne Symount was ful of drynk, and hise sones, Tolome roos with his, and token her armeris, and entriden in to the feeste, and slowen hym, and hise twei sones, and summe children of hym.

17 And he dide a greet disseit in Israel, and yeldide yuels for goodis.

18 And Tolome wroot these thingis, and sente to the kyng, for to sende to hym an oost in to help, and he schulde bitake to hym the cuntre and citees of hem, and tributis.

19 And he sente othere in to Gasara, for to do awei Joon; and to the tribunes he sente epistlis, that thei schulden come to hym, and he schulde yyue to hem siluer, and gold, and yiftis.

20 And he sente other men, for to ocupie Jerusalem, and the mount of the temple.

21 And sum man ran bifore, and told to Joon in Gasara, for that his fadir perischide, and his britheren, and that he sente that thou also be slayn.

22 Forsothe as he herde, he wondride greetli; and he cauyte the men that camen for to leese hym, and he slow hem; for he knew, that thei souyten for to leese hym.

23 And othere thingis of Joons wordis, and of his batels, and good vertues, in whiche he dide strongli, and of bildyng of wallis, whiche he fulli made, and of thingis don of him, lo!

24 these ben writun in book of daies of his presthod, sithen he was maad prince of prestis aftir his fadir.