1 Maccabees 8

1 And Judas herde the name of Romayns, that thei ben miyti in strengthis, and acorden to alle thingis that ben axid of hem; and who euere wente to hem, thei ordeineden with hem frendschipis; and that thei ben miyti in strengthis.

2 And thei herden batels of hem, and goode vertues, that thei diden in Galacie, for thei weldiden hem, and ledden vndur tribute;

3 and hou many thingis thei diden in the cuntre of Spayne, and that thei brouyten in to power metals of siluer and gold that ben there; and weldiden ech place with her councel and pacience, `or wisdom, places that weren ful fer fro hem;

4 and thei al to-braken kyngis that camen on hem fro the vtmeste places of erthe, and thei smytiden hem with greet wounde; forsothe othere yyuen to hem tribute bi alle yeeris.

5 And thei al to-braken in batel Filip, and Persen, kyngis of Cethis, and othere that baren armeris ayens hem, and weldiden hem.

6 And thei weldiden Antiok, the greet king of Asie, that yaf batel to hem, and hadde an hundrid and twenti olifauntis, and multitude of horse men and charis, and ful greet oost al to brokun of hem;

7 and thei token hym quyk, and ordeyneden to hym, that he schulde yyue greet tribut, and thei that regnede after hym; and that he schulde yyue pleggis and ordynaunce, in the cuntre of Yndis;

8 and thei puttiden out men of Medei, and of Lidde, fro the beste cuntreis of hem, and thei yauen tho cuntreis takun of hem to kyng Eumeny;

9 and that thei that weren anentis Elada, wolden go, and take awei hem; and the word was knowun to these Romayns,

10 and thei senten to hem o duyk, and thei fouyten ayens hem; and many of hem fellen, and thei ledden her wyues caitifs, and sones, and robbiden hem; and weldiden the lond of hem, and distrieden the wallis of hem, and brouyten hem in to seruage, til in to this dai.

11 And thei distrieden othere rewmes and ilis, that sum tyme ayenstoden hem, and brouyten in to power.

12 Forsothe with her frendis, and that hadden reste in hem, thei kepten frenschip, and thei weldiden rewmes that weren next, and that weren fer; for who euere herden the name of hem, dredden hem.

13 For thei regnyden, to whiche thei wolden be in help for to regne; forsothe whiche thei wolden, thei disturbliden fro rewme; and thei weren greetli enhaunsid.

14 In alle these Romayns no man bar diademe, nether was clothid in purpur, for to be magnefied ther ynne.

15 And thei that maden to hem a court, and ech dai thei counseliden thre hundrid and twenti, doynge counsel euere more of multitude, that thei do what thingis ben worthi.

16 And thei bitaken to o man her maistrie, `ether cheef gouernaunce, bi ech yeer, for to be lord of al her lond; and alle obeschen to oon, and enuye is not, `nether wraththe among hem.

17 And Judas chees Eupolemus, the sone of Joon, sone of Jacob, and Jason, the sone of Eleasarus, and sente hem to Rome, for to ordeyne with hem frenschip and felouschip;

18 and that thei schulden take awei fro hem the yok of Grekis, for thei sien that thei oppressiden the rewme of Israel in to seruage.

19 And thei wenten to Rome, a ful greet weie, and thei entriden in to the court,

20 and seiden, Judas Machabeus, and hise britheren, and the puple of Jewis senten vs to you, for to ordeyne with you felouschip and pees, and for to write togidere vs youre felowis and freendis.

21 And the word pleside in the siyt of hem.

22 And this is the ayen writyng, which thei ayen writiden in brasun tablis, and senten in to Jerusalem, that it were there a memorial, `ether a thing of mynde, of pees and felouschip.

23 Be it wel to Romayns, and to the folc of Jewis, in see and lond, with outen ende; and swerd and enemy be fer fro hem.

24 That if batel bifallith to Romayns bifore, ether to alle felowis of hem in al the lordschip `of hem,

25 the folc of Jewis schal bere help, as time axith, with ful herte; and the Romayns schulen not yyue,

26 nether priuyli ministre to the Jewis fiytynge, wheete, armeris, monei, schippis, as it pleside to Romayns; and thei schulen kepe the maundementis of hem, and take no thing of hem.

27 Forsothe in lijk maner and if batel fallith bifore to the folc of Jewis, Romayns schulen helpe of herte, as tyme suffrith hem;

28 and to Romayns helpynge wheete schal not be youun, nether armeris, monei, nether schippis, as it pleside to Romayns; and thei schulen kepe the maundementis of hem with out gile.

29 Bi these wordis Romayns ordeyneden to the puple of Jewis,

30 That if after these wordis, these ether thei wolen put ony thing to, ether do awei, thei schulen do of her `comyn assent; and what euere thingis thei schulen put to, ether do awei, thei schulen be stidfast.

31 But also of yuels whiche kyng Demetrie hath don ayens hem, we han writun to hym, and we seiden, Whi hast thou greuyd thi yok on oure frendis and felowis, the Jewis?

32 Therfor if eftsoone thei schulen come to vs ayens thee, we schulen do doom to hem, and schulen fiyte with thee bi lond and see.