Judith 2

1 In the thrittenthe yeer of kyng Nabugodonosor, in the two and twentithe dai of the firste monethe, a word was maad in the hows of Nabugodonosor, kyng of Assiriens, that he wolde defende hym.

2 And he clepide to hym alle the eldere men, and alle duykis, hise werriouris; and hadde with hem the priuete of his counsel.

3 And he seide, that his thouyte was in that thing, to make suget ech lond to his empire.

4 And whanne this seiyng hadde plesid alle men, `kyng Nabugodonosor clepide Holofernes, prince of his chyualrie,

5 and seide to hym, Go thou out ayens ech rewme of the west, and ayens hem principali, that dispisiden `my comaundement.

6 Thin iyen schal not spare ony rewme, and thou schalt make suget to me ech strengthid citee.

7 Thanne Holofernes clepide the duykis and magistratis of the vertu of Assiriens, and he noumbride men in to the makyng redi, as the kyng `comaundide to hym, sixe score thousynde of foot men fiyteris, and twelue thousynde horse men and archeris.

8 And he made al his puruyaunce to go bifore in multitude of vnnoumbrable camels, with these thingis that suffisiden plenteuousli to the oostis, and droues of oxis, and flockis of scheep, of which was noon noumbre.

9 He ordeynede whete to be maad redi of al Sirie `in his passage.

10 And he took ful myche gold and siluer of the kyngis hows.

11 And he, and al his oost, yede forth with charis, and horse men, and archeris, whiche hiliden the face of the erthe, as locustis doon.

12 And whanne he hadde passid the endis of Assiriens, he came to the grete hillis Auge, that ben at the lift half of Cilicie; and he stiede in to alle the castels of hem, and he gat ech strong place.

13 Forsothe he brak the richeste, ethir famouse, citee Melothi, and robbide alle the sones of Tharsis, and the sones of Ismael, that weren ayens the face of desert, and at the south of the lond Celeon.

14 And he passide Eufrates, and cam in to Mesopotanye, and he brak alle hiye citees that weren there, fro the stronde Manbre til `me come to the see.

15 And he occupiede the endis therof fro Cilicie `til to the endis of Japhet, that ben at the south.

16 And he brouyte alle the sones of Madian, and he `robbide al the richessis of hem; and he killide `bi the scharpnesse of swerd alle men ayenstondynge hym.

17 And after these thingis he cam doun in to the feeldis of Damask, in the daies of ripe corn, and he brente alle cornes, and he made alle trees and vynes to be kit doun;

18 and his drede `felde on alle men `enhabitynge the lond.