Judith 4

1 Thanne the sones of Israel, that dwelliden in the lond of Juda, herden these thingis, and dredden greetli of `his face.

2 Also tremblyng and hidousnesse asailide the wittis of hem, lest he schulde do this thing to Jerusalem and to the temple of the Lord, which thing he hadde do to othere citees and templis of tho.

3 And thei senten in to al Samarie, bi cumpas `til to Jerico, and bifore ocupieden alle the coppis of hillis;

4 and thei cumpassiden her townes with wallis, and gaderiden togidere wheete in to making redi of batel.

5 Also the prest Eliachym wroot to alle men, `that weren ayenus Esdrelon, which is ayenus the face of the grete feeld bisidis Dotaym, and to alle men bi whiche passage myyte be,

6 that thei schulden holde the stiyngis of hillis, bi whiche weie myyte be to Jerusalem, and that thei schulden kepe there, where streyt weie miyte be among hillis.

7 And the sones of Israel diden aftir this, that Eliachym, prest of the Lord, hadde ordeyned to hem.

8 And al the puple criede to the Lord with greet instaunce, and thei and the wymmen of hem mekiden her soulis in fastyngis.

9 And the prestis clothiden hem silf with heyris, and yonge children boweden hem silf ayens the face of the temple of the Lord, and thei hiliden the auter of the Lord with an heire.

10 And thei crieden togidere to the Lord God of Israel, lest the children of hem schulden be youun in to prey, and the wyues of hem in to departyng, and her citees in to distriyng, and her hooli thingis in to defoulyng.

11 Thanne Eliachym, the grete prest of the Lord, cumpasside al Israel,

12 and spak to hem, and seide, Wite ye, that the Lord schal here youre preieris, if ye dwellinge dwellen perfitli in fastyngis and preieris in the siyt of the Lord.

13 Be ye myndful of Moises, the seruaunt of the Lord, which not in fiytynge with irun, but in preiynge with hooli preieris, castide doun Amalech tristinge in his vertu, and in his power, and in his oost, and in hise scheldis, and in hise charis, and in hise knyytis;

14 so alle the enemyes of Israel schulen be cast doun, if ye continuen in this werk, which ye han bigunne.

15 Therfor at this excityng of hym thei preieden hertli the Lord, `and dwelliden in the siyt of the Lord, so that also thei,

16 that offriden brent sacrifices to the Lord, weren gird with heiris, and thei offriden sacrifices to the Lord, and `aische was on her heedis.

17 And alle men of al her herte preieden God, that he wolde visite his puple Israel.