Judith 3

1 Thanne kyngis and princes of alle citees and prouynces, that is, of Cirie, of Mesopotanye, and of Sirie Sobal, and of Libie, and of Cilicie, sente her messangeris. `Whiche comynge to Holofernes, seiden,

2 Thin indignacioun ceesse aboute vs; for it is betere, that we lyue and serue Nabugodonosor, the grete kyng, and be suget to thee, than that we die, and suffre with oure perischyng the harmes of oure seruage.

3 Ech citee of oure, al possessioun, alle munteyns, and litle hillis, and feeldis, and droues of oxes, and flockis of scheep, and of geet,

4 and of horsis, and of camels, and alle oure richessis and meyneis ben in thi siyt; alle thingis be vndur thi lawe.

5 Also we and oure children ben thi seruauntis.

6 Come thou a pesible lord to vs, and vse thou oure seruyce, as it plesith thee.

7 Thanne he cam doun fro the hillis, with knyytis in greet `vertu, that is, strengthe, and gat ech citee, and ech man `enhabitynge the lond.

8 Forsothe of alle citees he took to hym helperis, stronge men and chosun to batel.

9 And so grete drede lay on alle prouynces, that enhabiteris of alle citees, princes and `onourid men, yeden togidere out with puplis to meete hym comynge,

10 and `resseyueden hym with corouns and laumpis, and ledden daunsis with pipis and tympans.

11 Netheles thei doynge these thingis myyten not swage the fersnesse of his herte;

12 for whi bothe he distriede her citees, and hew doun her wodis.

13 For kyng Nabugodonosor hadde comaundid to hym, that he schulde distrie alle the goddis of erthe, that is, that he aloone schulde be seid god of alle these naciouns, that myyten be maad suget bi the power of Holofernes.

14 Forsothe he passide al Sirie Sobal, and al Appanye, and al Mesopotanye, and cam to Idumeis `in to the lond of Gabaa;

15 and he took the citees of hem, and dwellide there bi thritti daies, in whiche daies he comaundide al the oost of his power to be gaderid togidere.