Salmos 21

1 To the chief musician, a psalm of David. O Lord, because of thy strength will the king rejoice; and through thy salvation how greatly will he be glad!

2 The longing of his heart hast thou given him, and the request of his lips hast thou not withholden. Selah.

3 For thou meetest him unasked with the blessings of happiness: thou settest on his head a crown of pure gold.

4 Life hath he asked of thee, thou gavest it to him, length of days for ever and ever.

5 Great is his honor through thy help: glory and majesty thou layest upon him.

6 For thou appointest him to be a blessing for ever: thou makest him glad with joy from thy presence.

7 For the king trusteth in the Lord; and through the kindness of the Most High shall he not be moved.

8 Thy hand will reach all thy enemies: thy right hand will reach those that hate thee.

9 Thou wilt render them as a fiery oven at the time of thy anger: the Lord in his wrath will destroy them, and a fire will devour them.

10 Their fruit wilt thou cause to perish from the earth, and their seed from among the children of men.

11 For they directed against thee evil: they devised a mischievous purpose, which they were not able to perform.

12 For thou wilt make them turn their back; upon thy bow–strings thou wilt make ready thy arrows against their face.

13 Exalt thyself, O Lord, in thy strength; and we will sing and praise thy power.