Salmos 5

1 To the chief musician upon Nechiloth, a psalm of David. To my words give ear, O Lord, have regard to my mediation.

2 Listen unto the voice of my loud cry, my King, and my God, when unto thee I pray.

3 O Lord! in the morning do thou hear my voice: in the morning will I set in order my prayer before thee, and 1ook up with hope.

4 For thou art not a God that hath pleasure in wickedness: evil cannot abide with thee.

5 The arrogant cannot stand up before thy eyes: thou hatest all workers of wickedness.

6 Thou wilt destroy those that speak lies: the man of blood and deceit the Lord abhorreth.

7 But as for me––in the abundance of thy kindness will I enter thy house: I will bow myself down before thy holy temple in the fear of thee.

8 O Lord, lead me in thy righteousness because of those that regard me enviously; make straight before me thy way.

9 For there is not in their mouth any sincerity; their inward part is full of deception; an open sepulchre is their throat: they flatter with their tongue.

10 Condemn them, O God: let them fall through their own counsels; for the multitude of their transgressions cast them down; for they have rebelled against thee.

11 Then will rejoice all those that put their trust in thee; for ever will they shout for joy, when thou protectest them: and then will exult in thee those that love thy name.

12 For thou wilt bless the righteous, O Lord; as with a shield wilt thou encompass him with favor.