Oséias 11

1 When Israel was, a child, then I loved him,and, out of Egypt, called I my son.

2 They invited them,at once, they departed from before me, they, to the Baals, sacrificed, and, to the images, offered incense.

3 Yet, I, had taught Ephraim to walk, I used to take them upon mine arms,But they acknowledged not that I had healed them.

4 With human cords, used I to draw them, with the bands of love, so became I unto them like those who remove the yoke to him, I let him eat.

5 He was not to turn back into the land of Egypt, Howbeit, the Assyrianhe, became his king, for they refused to turn.

6 Therefore shall the sword, rage, in his cities, and make an end of his multitudes, and consume them,because of their counsels.

7 But, my people, are bent towards turning from me, though upwards they call them, none of them can lift them.

8 How can I give thee up, Ephraim? abandon thee Israel? How can I make thee as Admah? set thee as Zeboim? Mine own heart, turneth against me, at once, are kindled my compassions.

9 I cannot execute the glow of mine anger, I cannot turn to destroy Ephraim,for, GOD, am, I, and not man, When thou drawest near, a Holy One, though I do not enter a city.

10 After Yahweh, let them go, Like a lion, will he roar,When, he, shall roar, then let sons, come trembling, out of the West.

11 Let them come trembling like a small bird out of Egypt, and like a dove out of the land of Assyria,so will I cause them to dwell by their own houses, Declareth Yahweh.

12 They have compassed me aboutwith denial, Ephraim, with deceit, the house of Israel,but, Judah, hath, again and again, run riot with GOD, though, with the holy places, entrusted.