Oséias 6

1 Come, and let us return unto Yahweh! for, he, hath torn, that he might heal us,smitten, that he might bind us up.

2 He will bring us to life, after two days,on the third day, will he raise us up, that we may live before him.

3 Then let us knowlet us press on to knowYahweh, Like the dawn, is his coming forth assured,that he may come like a down-pour upon us, like the harvest-rain,

4 What can I do unto thee, O Ephraim? What can I do unto thee, O Judah? for, your lovingkindness, is like a morning cloud, yea, like the dew, early departing!

5 For this cause, have I hewn them in pieces by the prophets, I have slain them by the sayings of my mouth,and, my justice, as a light goeth forth.

6 For, lovingkindness, I desired, and not sacrifice,and the knowledge of God, more than ascending-offerings.

7 But, they, like Adam, have transgressed a covenant,There, have they dealt treacherously with me.

8 Gilead, is a city of workers of iniquity,tracked with blood.

9 And, like liers in wait for a man, in troops, is a band of priests, on the road, will they murder towards Shechem,because, a shameful deed, they have done.

10 In the house of Israel, have I seen a horrible thing,there, the unchastity of Ephraim, defiled is Israel.

11 Judah too! a harvest is appointed for thee,in that I will bring back the captivity of my people.