Oséias 8

1 To thy mouth, with a horn! Like an eagle, on the house of Yahweh,because they have violated my covenant, and, against my law, have they transgressed.

2 Unto me, shall they make outcry, My God! we acknowledge thee , Israel!

3 Israel hath cast away what is good,an enemy, shall pursue him.

4 They, have appointed kings, but not from me, have made rulers, but I have not acknowledged them: of their silver and their gold, they made themselves idols, to the end they might be cut off.

5 He hath cast away thy calf, O Samaria, kindled is mine anger upon them,How long shall they not endure to be innocent?

6 For, of Israel, is even that thing! A craftsman, made it, and, a No-god, it is! For, into fragments, shall the Calf of Samaria be broken.

7 For, to the wind, they sow, and, to the whirlwind, they reap: stalk, hath it none, That which shooteth forth, shall yield no meal, If so be it yield, foreigners, swallow it lip,

8 Swallowed up, is Israel; Now, have they gone among the nations, like a vessel in which no man taketh, delight.

9 For, they, have gone up to Assyria, A wild ass going alone for himself, is Ephraim! They have hired lovers!

10 Even though they hire them among the nations, at once, will I gather them, when they have begun to be diminished by reason of the burden of the king of rulers.

11 Because Ephraim hath multiplied altars sinfully, they have become to him the altars of sin.

12 I have been wont to write for him the myriad things of my law,Like something alien, have they been accounted.

13 My sacrificial gifts, have they been sacrificing as flesh, and have eaten, Yahweh, hath not accepted them,Now, will he call to mind their iniquity, that he may punish their sin, they, to Egypt, will return.

14 And so Israel hath forgotten his Maker, and hath built temples, and, Judah, hath multiplied fortified cities,Therefore will I send a fire upon his cities, and it shall consume the palaces thereof.