Depart from wickedness and do good, Aim at well-being, and pursue it.

Salmos 34:14

Finally, brethren, farewell! Be getting restored, be taking encouragement, be of one mind, live in peace,and, the God of love and peace, will be with you.

2 Coríntios 13:11

the way of well-being, have they not known, And there is no justice in their tracks,Their paths, have they made crooked for themselves, None who treadeth therein knoweth wellbeing.

Isaías 59:8

These things, have I spoken unto you, that, in me, ye may have, peace: In the world, ye have, tribulation; but be taking courage,I, have overcome the world.

João 16:33

And how shall they proclaim, except they be sent? Even as it is writtenHow beautiful the feet of them that bring glad tidings of good things!

Romanos 10:15

Happy, the peacemakers; for, they, shall be, called sons of God:

Mateus 5:9

Giving diligence to keepthe oneness of the Spirit in the uniting-bond of peace,

Efésios 4:3

and, by his cunning, will he both cause deceit to succeed in his hand, and, in his own heart, will he shew himself to be great, and, by their careless security, will he destroy many,and, against the ruler of rulers, will he stand up, but, without hand, shall be broken in pieces.

Daniel 8:25

And, roused up, he rebuked the wind, and said unto the seaHush! be still! and the wind lulled, and it became a great calm.

Marcos 4:39

The things which ye have both learned, and accepted, and heard, and seen in me, the same, practise;and, the God of peace, shall be with you.

Filipenses 4:9

Destruction, hath entered,- And they shall seek welfare and there be none.

Ezequiel 7:25

In peace, will I lay me down and at once sleep; for, thou, Yahweh alone, wilt cause me, in security, to dwell.

Salmos 4:8

But, if, the unbelieving, departeth, let him depart: the brother or the sister hath not come into bondage, in such cases, but, in peace, hath God called us.

1 Coríntios 7:15

My covenant, was with him, Life and Well-being, so I gave them to him as One to be revered and he did revere me, and, before my Name, dismayed, was he.

Malaquias 2:5

For, A Child, hath been born to us, A Son, hath been given to us, And the dominion is upon his shoulder,And his Name hath been called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty GOD, Father of Futurity, Prince of Prosperity.

Isaías 9:6

Now, as, these very things, they were telling, he himself, stood in their midst

Lucas 24:36

A time to love and a time to hate,A time of war, and a time of peace.

Eclesiastes 3:8

But, the patient oppressed-ones, shall inherit the earth, and shall delight themselves over the abundance of prosperity.

Salmos 37:11

And let, the peace of Christ, act as umpire in your hearts, unto which ye have been called in one body, and be thankful:

Colossenses 3:15

Hence, then, the things pertaining to peace, let us pursue, and the things which belong to the upbuilding one of another:

Romanos 14:19

Now, the God of the hope, fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that ye may surpass in the hope, in the power of Holy Spirit.

Romanos 15:13

And, into whatsoever house ye enter, First, say, Peace to this house!

Lucas 10:5

Blessing in abundance, have the lovers of thy law, and nothing to make them stumble.

Salmos 119:165

Better he that is slow to anger, than a hero, and he that ruleth his spirit, than he that captureth a city.

Provérbios 16:32

But, from the youthful covetings, flee! and pursue righteousness, faith, love, peace, along with them who call upon the Lord out of a pure heart.

2 Timóteo 2:22

Peace, I leave with you, My own peace, give, I, unto you,Not as, the world, giveth, give, I, unto you:Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

João 14:27

Honour, hath the man who sitteth away from strife, but, any fool, may break through.

Provérbios 20:3

And, in harvest of righteousness, with peace, is sown by them that make peace.

Tiago 3:18

And the yield of righteousness, shall be, peace,And the tillage of righteousness, quietness, and confidence! to times age-abiding;

Isaías 32:17

No well-being, saith my God, to the lawless!

Isaías 57:21

Salt is, good: but, if, salt, become, saltless, wherewith will ye, prepare, it? Have, within yourselves, salt, and be at peace, one with another.

Marcos 9:50

Peace, be pursuing, with all, and the obtaining of holiness,without which no one shall see the Lord:

Hebreus 12:14

For with gladness shall ye come forth, And in peace, shall ye be led,the mountains and the hills shall break out, before you, into shouts of triumph, And all the wild trees shall clap their hands:

Isaías 55:12

Unto all that are in Rome, beloved of God, called saints, favour unto you, and peace, from God our Father and Lord Jesus Christ.

Romanos 1:7

Having, therefore, been declared righteous by faith, let us have, peace, towards God, through our Lord Jesus Christ,

Romanos 5:1

For the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in Holy Spirit;

Romanos 14:17

And, if the house be worthy, let your peace come upon it, but, if it be not worthy, let your peace, unto you, return.

Mateus 10:13

Yahweh, will give, strength to his people,Yahweh, will bless his people with prosperity.

Salmos 29:11

A purpose sustained, thou wilt guard, , Prosper! Prosper! Because in thee, hath he been led to trust.

Isaías 26:3

Do not think, that I came to thrust peace upon the earth,I came not to thrust, peace, but, a sword;

Mateus 10:34

to wit the prophets of Israel who are prophesying unto Jerusalem, and are seeing, on her behalf, visions of prosperity, when there is no prosperity, Declareth My Lord Yahweh.

Ezequiel 13:16

And, he, said to herDaughter! thy faith hath made thee well; withdraw into peace, and be whole from thy plague.

Marcos 5:34

For, what is preferred by the flesh, life and peace;

Romanos 8:6

But, the wisdom from above, isfirst pure, then peaceable, reasonable, easy to be entreated, fraught with mercy and good fruits, without partiality, without hypocrisy.

Tiago 3:17

When, acceptable to Yahweh, are the ways of a man, even his enemies, doth he cause to make peace with him.

Provérbios 16:7

And there went forth another, a red horse,and, unto him that was sitting thereon, it was given, unto him , to take away peace from the earth, and that, one another, they should slay; and there was given unto him a great sword.

Apocalipse 6:4

For nothing, be anxious, but, in everything, by your prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let, your petitions, be made known unto God;

And, the peace of God, which riseth above every mind, shall guard your hearts and your thoughts, in Christ Jesus.

Filipenses 4:6,7

For, he that desireth to love, life, and to see good days, Let him cause his tongue to cease from mischief, and lips, that they speak not deceit;

Let him turn away from mischief, and do good, Let him seek peace, and pursue it;

1 Pedro 3:10,11

How beautiful, upon the mountains are the feetOf him That bringeth good tidings, That publisheth peace, That bringeth good tidings of blessing, That publisheth salvation,That saith unto Zion, Thy God, hath become king.

Isaías 52:7

But, thou, shalt go in unto thy fathers in peace, thou shalt be buried in a good old age.

Gênesis 15:15

But, the fruit of the Spirit, islove, joy, peace, long-suffering, graciousness, goodness, faithfulness,

Gálatas 5:22

But, no discipline, for the present, indeed, seemeth to be of joy, but of sorrow: afterwards, howeverto them who thereby have been trained, it yieldeth peaceful fruit, of righteousness.

Hebreus 12:11

24 Yahweh bless thee, and keep thee:

25 Yahweh cause his face to shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee:

26 Yahweh lift up his face unto thee, and appoint unto thee peace.

Números 6:24-26

Behold me! laying upon her a bandage of healing, so will I heal them,And will reveal to them abundance of prosperity and truth;

Jeremias 33:6

Favour unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and Lord Jesus Christ.

1 Coríntios 1:3

Mark the blameless man, and behold the upright, for there is a hereafter for the man of peace;

Salmos 37:37

Let him turn away from mischief, and do good, Let him seek peace, and pursue it;

1 Pedro 3:11

sayingBlessed is he that cometh The king! In the name of the Lord! In heaven, peace! And glory in the highest!

Lucas 19:38

To shine on them who, in the darkness and shade of death, are sitting, to guide our feet into a way of peace.

Lucas 1:79

And, through him, fully to reconcile all things unto him, making peace through the blood of his cross, through him whether the things upon the earth or the things in the heavens;

Colossenses 1:20

Bearing one with another, and in favour forgiving one anotherif any, against any, have a complaint,according as, the Lord, in favour forgave you, so also ye;

Colossenses 3:13

And so they have healed the grievous wound of my people, slightly, Saying, Peace, peace, when there was no peace,

Jeremias 6:14

But, the God of peace, He that led up from among the dead the great Shepherd of the sheep, with the blood of an age-abiding covenant,our Lord Jesus,

Hebreus 13:20

And, all thy boundaries, stones of delight; And, all thy children, shall be the instructed of Yahweh,And, great, shall be the prosperity of thy children.

Isaías 54:13

And, as many as, by this rule, shall walk, peace be upon them, and mercy, and upon the Israel of God.

Gálatas 6:16

Let be! and know that, I, am God, I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.

Salmos 46:10

And, if not, by any means, while he is yet afar off, he sendeth, an embassy, and requesteth the conditions of peace.

Lucas 14:32

And shod your feet with the readiness of the glad-message of peace;

Efésios 6:15

But he said unto the womanThy faith, hath saved thee,Go thy way into peace.

Lucas 7:50

Now, the God of peace, be with you all. Amen.

Romanos 15:33

For God is not

1 Coríntios 14:33

16 Destruction and misery, are in their ways,

17 And, the way of peace, have they not known:

18 There is no fear of God before their eyes.

Romanos 3:16-18

Lo! upon the mountains, The feet of one, who bringeth Good Tidings! who publisheth Prosperity! Celebrate, O Judah, thy pilgrim festivals, fulfil thy vows, for, not again, any more, shall the Abandoned One, pass through thee, he hath been wholly cut off.

Naum 1:15

Favour unto you and peace, from God our Father, and Lord Jesus Christ,

Gálatas 1:3

Glory, in the highest, unto God! And, on earth, peace, among men of goodwill.

Lucas 2:14

Mercy to you, and peace, and love, be multiplied!

Judas 1:2

He, in fact, is our peacewho made both one, and, the enclosing middle-wall, took down,

The enmity, in his fleshthe law of commandments in decreesbringing to nought,that, the two, he might create in himself, into one man of new mould, making peace.

Efésios 2:14,15

I, am for peace, and verily I speak, They, are for war!

Salmos 120:7

For, I, know the plans which I am planning for you Declareth Yahweh,Plans of welfare and not of calamity, To give you a future and a hope.

Jeremias 29:11

If possibleso far as dependeth on you, with all men being at peace:

Romanos 12:18

But may, the Lord of peace himself, give you peace, always, in every way. The Lord, be with you all.

2 Tessalonicenses 3:16

Unexpectedly, even into the rich places of the province, will he enter, and will do what neither his fathers nor his fathers fathers had done, prey and spoil and substanceamong them, will he scatter,and, against strongholds, will he devise plots even until a (convenient) time.

Daniel 11:24