Isaías 54

1 Shout in triumph, O barren one, Who hadst not borne,Break forth into shouts of triumphand trill thy voice, Who hadst not travailed in birth, For, more, are the children of the Desolate Than the children of Her who had the husband, Saith Yahweh.

2 Enlarge the space of thy tent And the curtains of thy habitations, let them spread forth do not spare,Lengthen thy cords, And thy tent-pins, make thou fast;

3 For, on the right hand and on the left, shalt thou break forth,And thy seed, shall of the nations, take possession, And forsaken cities, shall they cause to be inhabited.

4 Do not fear for thou shalt not turn pale, Neither feel disgraced for thou shalt not be put to the blush,For, the shame of thy youth, shalt thou forget, And the reproach of thy widowhood, shalt thou remember no more;

5 For, thy husband, is, thy Maker, Yahweh of hosts, is his Name,And, thy redeemer, the Holy One of Israel, The God of all the earth, shall he be called.

6 For, like a wife forsaken and grieved in spirit, hath Yahweh caned thee,Even the wife of youthful days, in that thou wast rejected saith thy God.

7 For a small moment, I forsook thee,But, with abounding compassions, do I embrace thee:

8 In an overflow of vexation, I hid my face for a moment, from thee, But, with lovingkindness age-abiding, have I had compassion on thee,saith thy Redeemer Yahweh.

9 For, the waters of Noah, is this unto me,As to which I sware that the waters of Noah should not again pass over the earth, So have I sworn Not to be vexed with thee Nor to rebuke thee.

10 For, the mountains, may move away, And the hills, may be shaken,But, my lovingkindness, from thee, shall not move away, And, my covenant of peace, shall not be shaken, saith he who hath compassion upon theeYahweh.

11 O thou humbled one storm-tossed, uncomforted,Lo! I, am about to set in antimony, thy stones, And will found thee in sapphires;

12 And make rubies, thy battlements, And thy gates, sparkling stones,

13 And, all thy boundaries, stones of delight; And, all thy children, shall be the instructed of Yahweh,And, great, shall be the prosperity of thy children.

14 In righteousness, shalt thou be established,Be thou far from oppressionBut indeed thou shalt not fear, And from crushing calamityBut indeed it shall not come nigh unto thee.

15 Lo! they would, quarrel, with theenot at all from me,Whoso hath quarrelled with thee, over thee, shall fall.

16 Lo! I, have created the smith, who bloweth up a fire of coals, And who bringeth forth an instrument for his work,And, I, have created the waster to destroy:

17 No instrument formed against thee, shall prosper, And every tongue that riseth against thee in judgment, shalt thou prove to be lawless,This is the inheritance of the servants of Yahweh. And, their righteousness, is from me, Declareth Yahweh.