Isaías 16

1 Send ye the lamb due to the ruler of the land, From Sela towards the desert,Unto the mount of the daughter of Zion;

2 Yet shall it be thatLike wandering birds from a nest cast forth, Shall be the daughters of Moab, at the fords of Amen.

3 Bring thou, in counsel, Execute thou judgment, Make as the night, thy shadow in the midst of high noon,Hide thou the outcasts, The wanderer, do not thou reveal.

4 Let mine own outcasts, sojourn with thee, O Moab, become thou a covert to them from the face of the spoiler,For vanished is the oppressor, At an end is extortion, They who tread down have ceased out of the land.

5 So shall be established, in lovingkindness, a throne, And one shall sit thereon, in truth, in the home of David,Judgingand seeking justice and speeding righteousness.

6 We have heard of the arrogance of Moab, Proud exceedingly! His haughtiness and his arrogance and his passion, Not true, are his boastings.

7 Therefore shall, Moab, howl for, Moab, All that belong to her, shall wail,For the ruins of Kir-hareseth, shall they moan out Utterly stricken!

8 For, the fields of Heshbon are witheredThe vine of Sibmah, the owners of nations, have broken off ruddy branches, Unto Jazer, had they reached, They had spread abroad to the desert,Her boughs, had stretched forth, had gone over to the sea.

9 For this cause, will I bewail, in the wailing of Jazer, The vine of Sibmah, I will drench thee with my tears, O Heshbon and Elealeh,For, upon thy fruit-harvest, and upon thy grain-harvest, the battle-shout, hath fallen.

10 Now shall be withdrawn rejoicing and exultation out of the garden-land, And, in the vineyards, shall be neither singing nor shouting,Wine in the winepress, the treader, shall not tread, The vintage-shout, have I made to cease.

11 For this cause, mine inward partsfor Moab, like a lyre, shall make a plaintive sound,Yea what is within me, for Kir-heres.

12 And it shall beWhen it is seen that Moab hath laboured in vain on the high place, He shall enter into his holy place to pray, and shall not prevail,

13 This, is the word which Yahweh spake concerning Moab in, time past;

14 But now, hath Yahweh spoken saying, In three years,as the years of a hireling, shall the glory of Moab be diminished, with all the great multitude,even a very small remnant, of no account.