Isaías 15

1 The oracle on Moab: Because, in a night, was laid waste Ar of Moabdestroyed! Because, in a night, was laid waste Kir of Moabdestroyed,

2 He hath gone up to Bayith and Dibon, to the high places, to weep,On Nebo and on Medeba, Moab is howling, On all their heads, a baldness, Every beard, clipped.

3 In their streets, have they girded them with sackcloth,On their housetops, and in their broadways, every one is howlingmelting in tears;

4 And Heshbon, hath made outcry, and Elealeh, Unto Jahaz, hath been heard their voice,For this cause, do the armed men of Moab roar, Every mans soul, quivereth to him.

5 Mine own heart, for Moab continueth to make outcry, Her fugitive, as far as Zoar, is like a heifer of three years; For the accent of Luhith, with weeping, they ascend, For by the way of Horonaiman outcry of destruction, they excite;

6 For, the waters of Nimrim, shall become desolation,For grass, hath dried up, Herbage hath failed, Green thing, hath not sprung up!

7 For this cause, the savings they had made and that which they had stored, Over the torrent-bed of the willows, shall they bear them.

8 For the outcry hath gone round the boundary of Moab,As far as Eglaim, the howling thereof, And to Beer-elim, the howling thereof.

9 For the waters of Dimon, are full of blood, For I will lay upon Dimon new troubles,To the escaped of Moab, the lions, Even to the survivors on the soil.