Isaías 21

1 The oracle on the desert of the sea: As storm-winds in the South which with a rush from the desert, do come from a terrible land,

2 hath, a grievous vision, been told me:the deceiver, is deceiving. And the spoiler, is spoiling, Go up, O Elam Besiege O Media, All the sighing she hath caused, have I made to cease.

3 For this cause, are my loins filled with anguish, Pangs, have seized me, as the pangs of her that is giving birth,I writhe so that I cannot hear, I tremble, so that I cannot see:

4 My heart fluttereth, A horror, terrifieth me,My twilight of pleasure, hath he turned for me into a time of trembling.

5 to prepare the tablespread the mateatdrink! Arise ye chieftains anoint the shield!

6 For, thus, hath My Lord said unto me,Go, set the watchman, What he seeth, let him tell!

7 When he seeth A train of horsemen in double rank, A train of asses, A train of camels, Then shall he hearken attentively with diligent heed.

8 Then cried he. A lion! On the watch, O My Lord, had I been standing continually, by day, And at my post, had I been stationed whole nights;

9 When lo! here was a train of men coming. With horsemen in double rank,And one began and said, Fallen! fallen! is Babylon, And all the images of her gods, are smashed to the ground!

10 O thou My threshing! And the grain of my corn-floor! That which I have heard from Yahweh of hosts, the God of Israel, Have I declared, unto you.

11 The oracle on Dumah: Unto me, is one cryingout of Seir, Watchman! how far gone is the night? Watchman, how far gone is the night?

12 Said the watchman, There cometh a morning. But also a night,If ye will enquire, enquire, yeCome, again!

13 The oracle on Arabia,Among the shrubs in Arabia, must ye lodge, Ye caravans of Dedanites.

14 To meet the thirsty, bring ye water,Ye dwellers in the land of Tema; With bread for him, get in advance of him that is in flight!

15 For, before swords, have they fled: Before a sword that is drawn, Before a bow that is bent, And before the stress of war.

16 For, thus, hath My Lord said unto me,Within a year according to the yearn of a hireling, shall fall all the glory of Kedar;

17 And, the remnant of the record of bowmen, The heroes of the sons of Kedar, shall become few; For Yahweh God of Israel, hath spoken.