Isaías 3

1 For lo! the Lord, Yahweh of hosts, removing from Jerusalem and from Judah, The stay and staff,The whole stay of bread, And the whole stay of water:

2 Man of might and man of war,Judge and prophet And diviner and elder;

3 Captain of fifty, and favourite; And counsellor and skilled artificer, And master of magical formulas;

4 And I will appoint boys to be their princes,And, petulant children, shall rule over them,

5 And the people will, tyrannise, Every man over his fellow-man, And every man over his friend,And they will rage The boy against, the elder, And the despised, against, the honourable,

6 When a man shall lay hold, on his brother of the house of his father, Clothing, hast thou, Become thou our, ruler, This downfall, be under thy hand,

7 He will swear, in that day, sayingI will take no control, When in mine own house, is neither food nor clothing,Ye must not set me for a ruler of people!

8 For stumbled bath Jerusalem, and, Judah, hath fallen,Because, their tongue and their doings, are against Yahweh, Provoking his glorious presence,

9 The show of their face, hath answered against them, And their sinlike Sodom, have they told, they have not concealed it. Alas for their souls! For they have requited to themselves, calamity.

10 Say ye to the righteous It is well! For the fruit of their doings, shall they eat:

11 Alas! for the lawless, it is ill, For what his own hand hath matured, shall he done to him.

12 My people! children, are their tyrants, And, women, rule over them,My people! they who should lead thee forward, are causing thee to stray, Thy pathways, have they destroyed,

13 Yahweh hath taken his station to plead,And is standing to judge peoples:

14 Yahweh, into judgment, will enter, With the elders of his people And their princes,But ye, have consumed the vineyard, That which hath been robbed from the oppressed, is in your houses.

15 What right have ye to crush my people, And the faces of the oppressed, to grind? Demandeth My Lord Yahweh of hostsAnd Yahweh saith

16 Because haughty are the daughters of Zion, And they walk with neck thrown back, and wanton eyes,Tripping along as they go, And with their feet, making, a tinkling sound,

17 Therefore will My Lord, smite with leprosy the crown of hair of the daughters of Zion,And, as for Yahweh, their shame, will he lay bare!

18 In that day, will My Lord remove the fineryof the anklets, and the little suns and the little moons;

19 the pendants and the bracelets and the veils;

20 the chaplets and the armlets and the girdles, and the scent-cases, and the amulets;

21 the rings and the nose-jewels;

22 the robes, and the over-tunics, and the cloaks and the purses;

23 and the mirrors and the linen wraps, and the tiaras and the cloaks.

24 And it shall come to passThat instead of fragrance, a putrid odour, shall be, And instead of a girdle, an encircling rope, And instead of braided hair, baldness, And instead of a festal robe, a girding of sackcloth, Branding instead of beauty:

25 Thy males, by the sword shall fall,And, thy mighty men, by the war;

26 And her gates shall mourn and lament,And forsaken, on the ground, shah she sit.