Isaías 24

1 Lo! Yahweh emptying the earth and laying it waste,And he will overturn the face thereof, And scatter them who dwell therein.

2 And it shall beAs the people, so, the priest, As the servant, so his lord, As the maid, so, her mistress,As the buyer, so, the seller, As the lender, so, the borrower, As the debtor, so! his creditor.

3 Emptiedemptiedshall be the earth yea pillagedpillaged,For, Yahweh, hath spoken this word.

4 Mourneth, fadeth, the earth Languisheth, fadeth, the world,Languished have the lofty of the people of the earth.

5 Yea the earth itself is profaned under them who dwell therein,For they have Set aside laws, Gone beyond statute, Broken an age-abiding covenant.

6 For this cause, a curse, hath devoured the earth, And punished are the dwellers therein,For this cause, are burned the inhabitants of the earth, And the men left remainingare few.

7 Mourneth the new wine. Withereth the vine,Sighing are all the merryhearted:

8 Ceased hath the mirth of timbrels, Ended is the noise of the uproarious,Ceased hath the mirth of the lyre:

9 With a song, they drink not wine,Bitter is strong drink, to them who drink it:

10 Broken down is the city of desolation,Shut up every house that it cannot be entered.

11 There is an outcry concerning wine in the streets,Darkened is all joy, Departed the gladness of the earth.

12 There is left in the city. desolation,And to ruins, have been broken the gate.

13 When, thus, it shall be in the earth in the midst of the peoples, like the shaking of an olive-tree, like the going round to pick when closed is the harvest.

14 They, shall lift up their voiceshall raise a tremulous note,On account of the splendour of Yahweh, have they made a shrill cry, on the West;

15 For this cause, In the Regions of Light, give ye glory to Yahweh,In the Coastlands of the Sea, unto the Name of Yahweh. God of Israel,

16 From the uttermost part of the earth, melodies, have we heardBeauty, to the righteous one! But I had saidRuin to me! Ruin to me! Woe to me! Traitors, have betrayed, Yea traitorously, have traitors betrayed!

17 Terror and pit and snare,are upon thee, O inhabitant of the earth!

18 So shall it beHe that fleeth from the sound of the terror! shall fall into the pit, And I he that getteth up out of the midst of the pit, shall be captured in the snare,For, the windows on high, have opened, And shaken are the foundations of earth.

19 The earth breaketh, breaketh,The earth crasheth, crasheth, The earth tottereth, tottereth;

20 The earth staggerethstaggereth like a drunken man, And rocketh to and fro like a night-hut,So shall be heavy upon her, her transgression, And she shall fall and not again rise.

21 And it shall be in that day, That Yahweh will bring punishment Upon the host of the height in the height,And upon the kings of the ground on the ground.

22 And they shall be swept together in a crowd, fettered for a pit, And shall be lowered into a dungeon,And, after many days, shall they be punished.

23 Then shall blush the silvery moon, Then turn pale the glowing sun,Because Yahweh of hosts hath become king In Mount Zion And in Jerusalem, And before his Elders in glory,