João 16

1 These things I have spoken to you, that not you may be ensnared.

2 From synagogues they will put you; but comes an hour, that every one the killing you, may think a service to offer to the God.

3 And these things they will do, because not they know the Father, nor me.

4 But these things I have spoken to you, that when may come the hour, you may remember them, that I said to you. These things but to you from a beginning not I said, because with you I was.

5 Now but I go to him having sent me, and no one of you asks me: Where goest thou?

6 But because these things I have spoken to you, the sorrow has filled of you the heart.

7 But I the truth say to you; it is better for you, that I should go away. If for not I should go away, the helper not will come to you; if but I go, I will send him to you.

8 And having come he will convict the world concerning sin, and concerning righteousness, and concerning judgment.

9 Concerning sin indeed, because not they believe into me;

10 concerning righteousness but, because to the Father of me I go away, and no more you behold me;

11 concerning and judgment, because the ruling of the world this has been judged.

12 Yet many things I have to say to you, but not you are able to bear now.

13 When but many may come he the spirit of the truth, he will lead you into all the truth. Not for he will speak from himself, but whatever he may hear, he will speak, and the things coming he will declare to you.

14 He me will glorify, because out of the mine will take, and will declare to you.

15 All things what was the Father, mine is. On account of this I said, that out of the mine he takes, and declares to you.

16 A little while, and not you see me; and again a little while, and you shall see me, because I am going to the Father.

17 Said then of the disciples of him to each other: What is this which he says to us: A little while, and not you see me; and again a little while and you shall see me; and: Because I am going to the Father?

18 They said therefore: This what is which he says, the little while? Not we know what he says.

19 Knew the Jesus, that they wish him to ask, and said to them: Concerning this inquire you with each other, because I said: A little while, and not you see me; and again a little while, and you shall see me?

20 Indeed indeed I say to you, that will weep and will lament you, the but world will rejoice; you and will be sorrowful, but the sorrow of you into joy shall become.

21 The woman when she may bear, sorrow has, because has come the hour of her; when but she may have borne the child, no more she remembers of the distress, on account of the joy, that was born a man into the world.

22 And you therefore sorrow indeed now have; again but I will see you, and will be rejoiced of you the heart, and the joy of you no one takes from you;

23 and in that the day me not you will ask nothing; Indeed indeed I say to you, that whatever you may ask the Father in the name of me, he will give to you.

24 Till now not you asked nothing in the name of me; ask you, and you shall receive, so that the joy of you may be completed.

25 These things in figures I have spoken to you; comes an hour, when no more in figures I will speak to you, but plainly concerning the Father i will tell you.

26 In that the day in the name of me you will ask; and not I say to you, that I will entreat the Father concerning you;

27 himself for the Father loves you, because you me have loved and have believed, that I from the God came out.

28 I came out from the Father, and have come into the world; again I leave the world; and am going to the Father.

29 Say to him the disciples of him: Lo, now plainly thou speakest, and a figure not one thou sayest.

30 Now we know, that thou knowest all things, and no need has, that any one thee should ask; in this we believe, that from God thou didst come out.

31 Answered them the Jesus: Now do you believe.

32 Lo, comes an hour, and now is come, that you will be scattered every one to the own, and me alone you may leave; and not I am alone, because the Father with me is.

33 These things I have spoken to you, that in me peace you may have. In the world affliction you have; but be you of good courage, I have overcome the world.