Atos 17

1 and passed by Amphipolis and Apolonia, cities, and came to Thessalonika, where was a synagogue of the Jihudoyee.

2 AND Paulos entered, as his custom was, with them, and three shabaths spoke to them from the scriptures,

3 expounding, and showing, That Meshiha was to suffer and to rise from the house of the dead, and he is Jeshu the Meshiha whom I preach to you.

4 And men of them believed and adhered to Paulos and Shilo, and many of the Javnoyee who feared Aloha, and distinguished women not a few.

5 And the Jihudoyee envied, and joined to them evil men from the public place of the city, and made a great multitude, and conturbed the city. And they came and stood at the house of Jason, and demanded that they should bring them out from thence and deliver them to the multitude.

6 And when they could not find them there, they drew Jason and the brethren who were there, and brought them to the chiefs of the city, crying, These are they who have troubled the whole land; and behold again have they come here;

7 and their receiver is this Jason; and all these against the commands of Cesar are risen, in saying that there is another king, Jeshu.

8 And the chiefs of the city and all the people were troubled when they heard these things;

9 and they took pledges from Jason and also from the brethren, and then dismissed them.

10 But the brethren immediately in that night dismissed Paulos and Shilo unto Beroa the city; and when they were come thither they entered into the synagogue of the Jihudoyee:

11 for more noble were those Jihudoyee who were there than those Jihudoyee who were in Thessalonika; and they heard from them the word daily with joy, while they decided from the scriptures whether these things were so.

12 And many of them believed, and so also of the Javnoyee, men many, and distinguished women.

13 And when those Jihudoyee who were of Thessalonika knew that the word of Aloha was preached by Paulos in Beroa the city, they came there also, and ceased not to move and trouble the people.

14 And the brethren dismissed Paulos that he should go down by sea; and Shilo and Timotheos remained in that city.

15 AND they who accompanied Paulos came unto Athinos the city; and when they departed from the midst of it they took from him an epistle to Shilo and Timotheos, that they should speedily come to him.

16 But he, Paulos, while he waited in Athinos, was embittered in his spirit, (for he) saw how the whole city was filled with idols.

17 And he spake in the synagogue with the Jihudoyee, and with those who worshipped Aloha, and in the public place with those who met there daily;

18 and the philosophers also who were of the doctrine of Epikuros, and others who were called Estoiku, disputed with him. And some of them said, What willeth this accumulator of words? And others said, He preaches foreign gods; because Jeshu and his resurrection he preached unto them.

19 And they took him and brought him to the house of judgment which is called Arios-pagos, saying to him, Can we know what this new doctrine is which thou art preaching?

20 for thou sowest foreign words in our hearing, and we desire to know what these things are.

21 But all the Athinoyee, and those foreigners who are there, of no other thing are careful, but to say and to hear something new.

22 AND as Paulos stood on Arios-pagos he said, Men of Athinos, I observe you that in all (things) you exceed in the worship of demons.

23 As I walked about and saw the place of your worship, I found a certain altar on which was inscribed, To GOD THE HIDDEN: him then whom while not known you worship, This I declare to you.

24 For ALOHA who made the world and all that is in it, and is himself the Lord of heaven and of earth, in temples made with hands resideth not.

25 Neither is he served by the hands of men, nor needeth he any thing, for it is he who giveth to every man life and soul.

26 And of one blood hath he made the whole world of men to dwell upon the face of all the earth, and he hath distinguished the times by his decree, and set the limits of the dwelling of mankind,

27 that they should seek Aloha and inquire, and from his creatures find himself, because he is not far from every one of us.

28 For in him we live, and are moved, and are; as also one of your sages hath said, From him is our descent.

29 Men, therefore, whose descent is from Aloha, should not think that gold or silver or stone sculptured by the art and skill of man is like the Divinity.

30 For the times of error Aloha hath made to pass away; and in this time he commandeth all men, that every man in every place should repent;

31 because he hath set a day in which he will judge the whole earth in righteousness by that Man whom he hath ordained; and he will convert every man to the faith of him in having raised him from among the dead.

32 And when they heard of resurrection from among the dead, (some) of them mocked, and (some) of them said, At another time we will hear thee concerning this.

33 And so Paulos went forth from among them.

34 And certain of them adhered to him and believed: but one of them was Dionosios of the judges of Arios-pagos, and a certain woman whose name was Damaris, and others with them.