Provérbios 10

1 The parablis of Salomon. A wijs sone makith glad the fadir; but a fonned sone is the sorewe of his modir.

2 Tresouris of wickidnesse schulen not profite; but riytfulnesse schal delyuere fro deth.

3 The Lord schal not turmente the soule of a iust man with hungur; and he schal distrie the tresouns of vnpitouse men.

4 A slow hond hath wrouyt nedynesse; but the hond of stronge men makith redi richessis. Forsothe he that enforsith to gete `ony thing bi leesyngis, fedith the wyndis; sotheli the same man sueth briddis fleynge.

5 He that gaderith togidere in heruest, is a wijs sone; but he that slepith in sommer, is a sone of confusioun.

6 The blessing of God is ouer the heed of a iust man; but wickidnesse hilith the mouth of wickid men.

7 The mynde of a iust man schal be with preisingis; and the name of wickid men schal wexe rotun.

8 A wijs man schal resseyue comaundementis with herte; a fool is betun with lippis.

9 He that goith simpli, goith tristili; but he that makith schrewid hise weies, schal be opyn.

10 He that bekeneth with the iye, schal yyue sorewe; a fool schal be betun with lippis.

11 The veyne of lijf is the mouth of a iust man; but the mouth of wickid men hilith wickidnesse.

12 Hatrede reisith chidingis; and charite hilith alle synnes.

13 Wisdom is foundun in the lippis of a wise man; and a yerd in the bak of him that is nedi of herte.

14 Wise men hiden kunnyng; but the mouth of a fool is nexte to confusioun.

15 The catel of a riche man is the citee of his strengthe; the drede of pore men is the nedynesse of hem.

16 The werk of a iust man is to lijf; but the fruyt of a wickid man is to synne.

17 The weie of lijf is to him that kepith chastising; but he that forsakith blamyngis, errith.

18 False lippis hiden hatrede; he that bringith forth dispisinge is vnwijs.

19 Synne schal not faile in myche spekyng; but he that mesurith hise lippis, is moost prudent.

20 Chosun siluer is the tunge of a iust man; the herte of wickid men is for nouyt.

21 The lippis of a iust man techen ful manye men; but thei that ben vnlerned, schulen die in nedinesse of herte.

22 The blessing of the Lord makith riche men; and turment schal not be felowschipid to hem.

23 A fool worchith wickidnesse as bi leiyyng; but `wisdom is prudence to a man.

24 That that a wickid man dredith, schal come on hym; the desire of iust men schalbe youun to hem.

25 As a tempeste passynge, a wickid man schal not be; but a iust man schal be as an euerlastynge foundement.

26 As vynegre noieth the teeth, and smoke noieth the iyen; so a slow man noieth hem that senten hym in the weie.

27 The drede of the Lord encreesith daies; and the yeeris of wickid men schulen be maad schort.

28 Abiding of iust men is gladnesse; but the hope of wickid men schal perische.

29 The strengthe of a symple man is the weie of the Lord; and drede to hem that worchen yuel.

30 A iust man schal not be moued with outen ende; but wickid men schulen not dwelle on the erthe.

31 The mouth of a iust man schal bringe forth wisdom; the tunge of schrewis schal perische.

32 The lippis of a iust man biholden pleasaunt thingis; and the mouth of wickid men byholdith weiward thingis.