Provérbios 13

1 A wijs sone is the teching of the fadir; but he that is a scornere, herith not, whanne he is repreuyd.

2 A man schal be fillid with goodis of the fruit of his mouth; but the soule of vnpitouse men is wickid.

3 He that kepith his mouth, kepith his soule; but he that is vnwar to speke, schal feel yuels.

4 A slow man wole, and wole not; but the soule of hem that worchen schal be maad fat.

5 A iust man schal wlate a fals word; but a wickid man schendith, and schal be schent.

6 Riytfulnesse kepith the weie of an innocent man; but wickidnesse disseyueth a synnere.

7 A man is as riche, whanne he hath no thing; and a man is as pore, whanne he is in many richessis.

8 Redempcioun of the soule of man is hise richessis; but he that is pore, suffrith not blamyng.

9 The liyt of iust men makith glad; but the lanterne of wickid men schal be quenchid.

10 Stryues ben euere a mong proude men; but thei that don alle thingis with counsel, ben gouerned bi wisdom.

11 Hastid catel schal be maad lesse; but that that is gaderid litil and litil with hond, schal be multiplied.

12 Hope which is dilaied, turmentith the soule; a tre of lijf is desir comyng.

13 He that bacbitith ony thing, byndith hym silf in to tyme to comynge; but he that dredith the comaundement, schal lyue in pees.

14 The lawe of a wise man is a welle of lijf; that he bowe awei fro the falling of deth.

15 Good teching schal yyue grace; a swolowe is in the weie of dispiseris.

16 A fel man doith alle thingis with counsel; but he that is a fool, schal opene foli.

17 The messanger of a wickid man schal falle in to yuel; a feithful messanger is helthe.

18 Nedynesse and schenschip is to him that forsakith techyng; but he that assentith to a blamere, schal be glorified.

19 Desir, if it is fillid, delitith the soule; foolis wlaten hem that fleen yuels.

20 He that goith with wijs men, schal be wijs; the freend of foolis schal be maad lijk hem.

21 Yuel pursueth synneris; and goodis schulen be yoldun to iust men.

22 A good man schal leeue aftir him eiris, sones, and the sones of sones; and the catel of a synnere is kept to a iust man.

23 Many meetis ben in the new tilid feeldis of fadris; and ben gaderid to othere men with out doom.

24 He that sparith the yerde, hatith his sone; but he that loueth him, techith bisili.

25 A iust man etith, and fillith his soule; but the wombe of wickid men is vnable to be fillid.