Provérbios 19

1 Betere is a pore man, that goith in his simplenesse, than a riche man bitynge hise lippis, and vnwijs.

2 Where is not kunnyng of the soule, is not good; and he that is hasti, in feet hirtith.

3 The foli of a man disseyueth hise steppis; and he brenneth in his soule ayens God.

4 Richessis encreessen ful many freendis; forsothe also thei ben departid fro a pore man, whiche he hadde.

5 A fals witnesse schal not be vnpunyschid; and he that spekith leesingis, schal not ascape.

6 Many men onouren the persoone of a myyti man; and ben frendis of hym that deelith yiftis.

7 The britheren of a pore man haten hym; ferthermore and the freendis yeden awei fer fro hym. He that sueth wordis oonli, schal haue no thing;

8 but he that holdith stabli the mynde, loueth his soule, and the kepere of prudence schal fynde goodis.

9 A fals witnesse schal not be vnpunyschid; and he that spekith leesyngis, schal perische.

10 Delices bicomen not a fool; nether `it bicometh a seruaunt to be lord of princes.

11 The teching of a man is knowun bi pacience; and his glorie is to passe ouere wickid thingis.

12 As the gnasting of a lioun, so and the ire of the king; and as deewe on eerbe, so and the gladnesse of the kyng.

13 The sorewe of the fadir is a fonned sone; and roofes droppynge contynueli is a womman ful of chiding.

14 Housis and richessis ben youun of fadir and modir; but a prudent wijf is youun propirli of the Lord.

15 Slouth bringith in sleep; and a negligent soule schal haue hungur.

16 He that kepith the comaundement of God, kepith his soule; but he that chargith not his weie, schal be slayn.

17 He that hath mercy on a pore man, leeneth to the Lord; and he schal yelde his while to hym.

18 Teche thi sone, and dispeire thou not; but sette thou not thi soule to the sleyng of hym.

19 Forsothe he that is vnpacient, schal suffre harm; and whanne he hath rauyschid, he schal leie to anothir thing.

20 Here thou counsel, and take thou doctryn; that thou be wijs in thi laste thingis.

21 Many thouytis ben in the herte of a man; but the wille of the Lord schal dwelle.

22 A nedi man is merciful; and betere is a pore iust man, than a man liere.

23 The drede of the Lord ledith to lijf `of blis; and he `that dredith God schal dwelle in plentee, with outen visityng `of the worste.

24 A slow man hidith his hond vndur the armpit; and putteth it not to his mouth.

25 Whanne a man ful of pestilence is betun, a fool schal be wisere. If thou blamist a wijs man, he schal vndurstonde techyng.

26 He that turmentith the fadir, and fleeth fro the modir, schal be ful of yuel fame, and schal be cursid.

27 Sone, ceesse thou not to here techyng; and knowe thou the wordis of kunnyng.

28 A wickid witnesse scorneth doom; and the mouth of vnpitouse men deuourith wickidnesse.

29 Domes ben maad redi to scorneris; and hameris smytynge ben maad redi to the bodies of foolis.