Provérbios 29

1 Sodeyn perischyng schal come on that man, that with hard nol dispisith a blamere; and helth schal not sue hym.

2 The comynalte schal be glad in the multipliyng of iust men; whanne wickid men han take prinshod, the puple schal weyle.

3 A man that loueth wisdom, makith glad his fadir; but he that nurschith `an hoore, schal leese catel.

4 A iust king reisith the lond; an auerouse man schal distrie it.

5 A man that spekith bi flaterynge and feyned wordis to his frend; spredith abrood a net to hise steppis.

6 A snare schal wlappe a wickid man doynge synne; and a iust man schal preise, and schal make ioye.

7 A iust man knowith the cause of pore men; an vnpitouse man knowith not kunnyng.

8 Men ful of pestilence distryen a citee; but wise men turnen awei woodnesse.

9 If a wijs man stryueth with a fool; whether he be wrooth, `ether he leiyith, he schal not fynde reste.

10 Menquelleris haten a simple man; but iust men seken his soule.

11 A fool bringith forth al his spirit; a wise man dilaieth, and reserueth in to tyme comynge afterward.

12 A prince that herith wilfuli the wordis of a leesyng; schal haue alle mynystris vnfeithful.

13 A pore man and a leenere metten hem silf; the Lord is liytnere of euer ethir.

14 If a kyng demeth pore men in treuthe; his trone schal be maad stidfast with outen ende.

15 A yerde and chastisyng schal yyue wisdom; but a child, which is left to his wille, schendith his modir.

16 Grete trespassis schulen be multiplied in the multipliyng of wickid men; and iust men schulen se the fallyngis of hem.

17 Teche thi sone, and he schal coumforte thee; and he schal yyue delicis to thi soule.

18 Whanne prophesie faylith, the puple schal be distried; but he that kepith the lawe, is blessid.

19 A seruaunt mai not be tauyt bi wordis; for he vndirstondith that that thou seist, and dispisith for to answere.

20 Thou hast seyn a man swift to speke; foli schal be hopid more than his amendyng.

21 He that nurschith his seruaunt delicatli fro childhod; schal fynde hym rebel aftirward.

22 A wrathful man territh chidingis; and he that is liyt to haue indignacioun, schal be more enclynaunt to synnes.

23 Lownesse sueth a proude man; and glorie schal vp take a meke man of spirit.

24 He that takith part with a theef, hatith his soule; he herith a man chargynge greetli, and schewith not.

25 He that dredith a man, schal falle soon; he that hopith in the Lord, shal be reisid.

26 Many men seken the face of the prince; and the doom of alle men schal go forth of the Lord.

27 Iust men han abhomynacioun of a wickid man; and wickid men han abhomynacioun of hem, that ben in a riytful weye. A sone kepynge a word, schal be out of perdicioun.