Provérbios 12

1 He that loueth chastisyng, loueth kunnyng; but he that hatith blamyngis, is vnwijs.

2 He that is good, schal drawe to hym silf grace of the Lord; but he that tristith in hise thouytis, doith wickidli.

3 A man schal not be maad strong by wyckidnesse; and the root of iust men schal not be moued.

4 A diligent womman is a coroun to hir hosebond; and rot is in the boonys of that womman, that doith thingis worthi of confusioun.

5 The thouytis of iust men ben domes; and the counselis of wickid men ben gileful.

6 The wordis of wickid men setten tresoun to blood; the mouth of iust men schal delyuere hem.

7 Turne thou wickid men, and thei schulen not be; but the housis of iust men schulen dwelle perfitli.

8 A man schal be knowun bi his teching; but he that is veyn and hertles, schal be open to dispising.

9 Betere is a pore man, and sufficient to him silf, than a gloriouse man, and nedi of breed.

10 A iust man knowith the soulis of hise werk beestis; but the entrailis of wickid men ben cruel.

11 He that worchith his lond, schal be fillid with looues; but he that sueth idilnesse, is moost fool. He that is swete, lyueth in temperaunces; and in hise monestyngis he forsakith dispisyngis.

12 The desir of a wickid man is the memorial of worste thingis; but the roote of iust men schal encreesse.

13 For the synnes of lippis `falling doun neiyeth to an yuel man; but a iust man schal scape fro angwisch.

14 Of the fruyt of his mouth ech man schal be fillid with goodis; and bi the werkis of hise hondis it schal be yoldun to him.

15 The weie of a fool is riytful in hise iyen; but he that is wijs, herith counsels.

16 A fool schewith anoon his ire; but he that dissymelith wrongis, is wijs.

17 He that spekith that, that he knowith, is a iuge of riytfulnesse; but he that lieth, is a gileful witnesse.

18 A man is that bihetith, and he is prickid as with the swerd of conscience; but the tunge of wise men is helthe.

19 The lippe of treuthe schal be stidfast with outen ende; but he that is a sudeyn witnesse, makith redi the tunge of leesyng.

20 Gile is in the herte of hem that thenken yuels; but ioye sueth hem, that maken counsels of pees.

21 What euere bifallith to a iust man, it schal not make hym sori; but wickid men schulen be fillid with yuel.

22 False lippis is abhominacioun to the Lord; but thei that don feithfuli, plesen him.

23 A fel man hilith kunnyng; and the herte of vnwise men stirith foli.

24 The hond of stronge men schal haue lordschip; but the hond that is slow, schal serue to tributis.

25 Morenynge in the herte of a iust man schal make hym meke; and he schal be maad glad bi a good word.

26 He that dispisith harm for a frend, is a iust man; but the weie of wickid men schal disseyue hem.

27 A gileful man schal not fynde wynnyng; and the substaunce of man schal be the prijs of gold.

28 Lijf is in the path of riytfulnesse; but the wrong weie leedith to deeth.