Provérbios 9

1 Wisdom bildide an hous to him silf; he hewide out seuene pileris,

2 he offride his slayn sacrifices, he medlide wijn, and settide forth his table.

3 He sente hise handmaides, that thei schulden clepe to the tour; and to the wallis of the citee.

4 If ony man is litil; come he to me. And wisdom spak to vnwise men,

5 Come ye, ete ye my breed; and drynke ye the wiyn, which Y haue medlid to you.

6 Forsake ye yong childhed, and lyue ye; and go ye bi the weyes of prudence.

7 He that techith a scornere, doith wrong to him silf; and he that vndirnymmeth a wickid man, gendrith a wem to him silf.

8 Nile thou vndirnyme a scornere; lest he hate thee. Vndirnyme thou a wise man; and he schal loue thee.

9 Yyue thou occasioun to a wise man; and wisdom schal be encreessid to hym. Teche thou a iust man; and he schal haste to take.

10 The bigynnyng of wisdom is the dreed of the Lord; and prudence is the kunnyng of seyntis.

11 For thi daies schulen be multiplied bi me; and yeeris of lijf schulen be encreessid to thee.

12 If thou art wijs; thou schalt be to thi silf, and to thi neiyboris. Forsothe if thou art a scornere; thou aloone schalt bere yuel.

13 A fonned womman, and ful of cry, and ful of vnleueful lustis, and that kan no thing outirli,

14 sittith in the doris of hir hous, on a seete, in an hiy place of the cite;

15 to clepe men passinge bi the weie, and men goynge in her iournei.

16 Who is a litil man `of wit; bowe he to me. And sche spak to a coward,

17 Watris of thefte ben swettere, and breed hid is swettere.

18 And wiste not that giauntis ben there; and the gestis `of hir ben in the depthis of helle. Sotheli he that schal be applied, ether fastned, to hir; schal go doun to hellis. For whi he that goith awei fro hir; schal be saued.