Atos 12

1 BUT at that time Herodes the king, he who was surnamed Agripos, stretched forth hands upon some who were in the church, to ill-treat them.

2 And he killed with the sword Jakub the brother of Juhanon.

3 And when he saw that this pleased the Jihudoyee, he added to apprehend also Shemun Kipha. And they were the days of the Phatiree.

4 And he apprehended him and cast him into the house of the bound, and delivered him to sixteen soldiers to keep him, that after the Petscha he might deliver him to the people of the Jihudoyee.

5 And while Shemun was kept in the house of the bound, constant prayer was offered by the church on his behalf unto Aloha.

6 And in that night of the coming morning when he should be delivered up, while Shemun slept between two soldiers, and bound with two chains, and the others were watching the gates of the house of the bound,

7 the angel of the Lord stood over him, and light shined in all the house.

8 And he smote him on his side, and said to him, Arise quickly. And the chains fell from his hands. And the angel said to him, bind thy loins, and put on thy sandals. And he did so. And again he said to him, Wrap thy mantle, and come after me.

9 And he went forth, and came after him; not knowing that what was done by the hand of the angel was reality, for he thought that he saw a vision.

10 And when he had passed the first and second guard, they came to the gate of iron, and it was opened to them of its own accord. And when they went forth and had passed one street, the angel departed from him.

11 Then acknowledged Shemun, and said, Now know I in truth that the Lord hath sent his angel, and hath delivered me from the hand of Herodes the king, and from that which the Jihudoyee had calculated against me.

12 And when he had understood, he came to the house of Mariam the mother of Juhanon, he who is surnamed Markos; because many brethren were assembled there and praying.

13 And he knocked at the gate of the court, and there came forth to answer him a damsel whose name was Roda.

14 And she knew the voice of Shemun; and for joy she opened not the gate, but returned with running, and said to them, Shemun, behold, stands at the gate of the court.

15 And they said to her, Thou art altogether moved. And she contended that it was so. And they said, It may be that it is his angel.

16 And Shemun knocked at the gate; and they went forth, and seeing him they were astonished.

17 And he beckoned to them with his hand to be silent; and entered, and showed them how the Lord had brought him out from the house of the bound. And he said to them, Show these to Jakub and to the brethren; and he departed and went to another place.

18 And when it was morning there was made a great tumult among the soldiers concerning Shemun, what was become of him?

19 But Herodes when he inquired and found him not, condemned the guards, and commanded that they should die. And he went forth from Jihud and came to Cesarea.

20 And because he was angry with the Tsuroyee and with the Tsaidonoyee, they gathered together and came to him by persuasion of Blestos the chamberlain of the king, and prayed of him that peace should be to them, because the sustenance of their country was from the kingdom of Herodes.

21 But upon a public day Herodes was clothed with the robe of royalty, and sat upon the tribunal, and he discoursed to an assembly.

22 But all the people exclaimed, and said, These are the words of a god, and not of a man.

23 And on this account, because he gave not the glory to Aloha, in that hour the angel of the Lord smote him, and he was corroded with worms, and died.

24 And the gospel of Aloha was proclaimed, and was great.

25 BUT Bar Naba and Shaol returned from Urishlem to Antiokia after they had accomplished their ministry; and they took with them Juhanon who was called Markos.