Atos 19

1 AND while Apolu was in Kurinthos, Paulos itinerated through the upper countries unto Ephesos; and he asked those disciples whom he found there,

2 Have you received the Spirit of Holiness from that you believed? They answered and said to him, It hath not been heard by us whether there be the Spirit.

3 He saith to them, And into what were you baptized? They said, Into the baptism of Juhanon.

4 Paulos saith to them, Juhanon baptized the people with the baptism of repentance, saying that they should believe in him who was coming after him, who is Jeshu Meshiha.

5 And when they heard these (words), they were baptized in the name of our Lord Jeshu Meshiha.

6 And Paulos laid on them the hand, and the Spirit of Holiness came upon them, and they spake with tongues, and prophesied.

7 But all the men were twelve.

8 And Paulos entered the synagogue, and discoursed boldly three months, and persuaded concerning the kingdom of Aloha.

9 And men of them were obdurate, and contended, and reviled the way of Aloha, before the assembly of the people. Then Paulos removed and separated from them the disciples, and every day discoursed with them in the school of a man whose name was Tyranos.

10 And this was done two years, until all who dwelt in Asia, Jihudoyee and Aramoyee, had heard the word of the Lord.

11 And great power-works wrought Aloha by the hand of Paulos;

12 so that they brought even from the garments that were upon his body napkins or wrappings, and laid them upon the sick, and the diseases went from them; and demons also went forth.

13 BUT men, Jihudoyee, also, who went about and adjured demons, willed to adjure in the name of our Lord Jeshu over those who had unclean spirits, saying, We adjure you in the name of Jeshu whom Paulos preacheth.

14 There were seven sons of a man, a certain Jihudoya, chief of the priests, whose name was Skeva, who did this.

15 And that evil demon answered and said to them, Jeshu I acknowledge, and Paulos I know; but who are you?

16 And the man in whom was the evil spirit sprang upon them, and was strong against them, and threw them, and they, naked and wounded, fled from that house.

17 And this was known to all the Jihudoyee and Aramoyee who dwelt in Ephesos: and fear fell upon them all, and the name of our Lord Jeshu Meshiha was exalted.

18 And many of those who believed came and acknowledged their sins, and confessed whatever they had done.

19 Many also of the magicians collected their writings and brought and burned them before all men; and they reckoned the price of them, and it ascended to silver five myriads.

20 And thus with great power prevailed and increased the faith of Aloha.

21 But when these were fulfilled, Paulos set in his mind to itinerate throughout all Makedunia and Akaia, and to go into Urishlem. And he said, When I shall have gone thither, it behoveth me Ruma also to see.

22 And he sent two men of those who ministered to him to Makedunia, Timotheos and Aristos; but he remained a time in Asia.

23 BUT there was made at that time a great tumult on account of the way of Aloha.

24 For there was a certain worker of silver there whose name was Dimitrios, who made shrines of silver of Artemis, and he produced for the sons of his art great gains.

25 This (man) assembled all the sons of his art and those who wrought with them, and said to them, Men, you know that all our merchandise is from this work;

26 and you also hear and see, that not only the sons of Ephesos, but also many of all Asia, this Paulos persuadeth, and hath perverted them, saying, that there be no gods which by the hands of men are made.

27 And not only is this business defamed and brought to an end, but also the temple of Artemis the great goddess is reputed as nothing, and she also, the goddess of all Asia, and (whom) all the nations worship, is despised.

28 And when they heard these (words) they were filled with wrath; and they cried, and said, Great is Artemis of the Ephesoyee.

29 And the whole city was perturbed, and they ran together and came to the theatre; and seizing, they led with them Gaios and Aristarkos, men of Makedunia, companions of Paulos.

30 AND Paulos willed to enter the theatre, and the disciples restrained him.

31 And the chiefs of Asia, because they were his friends, sent, praying of him not to deliver himself by going into the theatre.

32 But the crowd who were in the theatre were greatly commoved, and others cried other things; for many of them knew not on what account they were assembled.

33 But the people of the Jihudoyee who were there appointed of them a man a Jihudoya, whose name was Aleksandros; and when he stood (forth) he signed that he would apologize to the people.

34 And when they knew that he was a Jihudoya, all of them cried with one voice, as two hours, Great is Artemis of the Ephesoyee!

35 And the chief of the city stilled them, saying, Men, Ephesoyee, who is there of mankind who knoweth not that the city of the Ephesoyee is a votaress of the great Artemis, and of her image which descended from heaven?

36 Therefore, since no man can contradict this, it behoves you to be silent, and to do nothing in haste.

37 Yet have you brought these men who have neither spoiled temples nor blasphemed our goddess.

38 But if this Dimitrios and the sons of his craft have strife with any man, behold, the proconsul is in the city, (and) there are officers: let them go nigh and judge one with another.

39 And if you require other (procedure), in the place which is given by the law for an assembly it shall be resolved.

40 For now also are we standing in peril of being accused as disturbers, because we cannot make excuse for the concourse of this day, inasmuch as we have met uselessly, and have made a tumult without cause.

41 And when these he had said, he dissolved the assembly.