Salmos 5

1 To my words, give ear, O Yahweh, Understand thou my softly murmured prayer:

2 Attend to the voice of my cry, my King and my God, for, unto thee, do I pray.

3 O Yahweh! in the morning, shalt thou hear my voice, In the morning, will I set in order unto thee, and keep watch;

4 For, not a GOD finding pleasure in lawlessness, art thou, and wrong can be no guest of thine:

5 Boasters, shall not station themselves, before thine eyes,Thou hatest all workers of iniquity:

6 Thou wilt destroy them who speak falsehood,The man of bloodshed and of deceit, Yahweh abhorreth.

7 But, I, in the abounding of thy lovingkindness, will enter thy house, I will bow down towards thy holy temple, in reverence of thee:

8 O Yahweh! lead me in thy righteousness, because of mine adversaries, Make even, before me, thy way:

9 For in his mouth is nothing worthy of trust, Their inward purpose, is engulphing ruin,An opened sepulchre, is their throat, With their tongue, speak they smooth things.

10 Declare them guilty, O God, Let them fall by their own counsels,Into the throng of their own transgressions, thrust them down, For they have rebelled against thee:

11 That all may rejoice who seek refuge in thee, to times age-abiding, may shout in triumph, that thou wilt protect them, and they may leap for joy in thee who are lovers of thy Name.

12 For, thou, wilt bless the righteous man, O Yahweh, As with an all-covering shieldwith good pleasure, wilt thou encompass him.