Salmos 28

1 Unto thee, O Yahweh, do I cry, O my Rock! do not turn in silence from me,lest, if thou turn from me in silence, I be like them who go down into the pit.

2 Hear the voice of my supplication, when I cry to thee for help, when I lift up my hands toward thy holy shrine.

3 Do not drag me awaywith the lawless, or with the workers of iniquity,who speak peaceably with their neighbours, but, wrong, is in their heart.

4 Give them, according to their deed, and, according to the wrong of their practices,According to the work of their own hands, give thou unto them, Bring back their own dealing to themselves.

5 Because they heed not The Deeds of Yahweh, or the Work of his hands, he will pull them down, and not build them.

6 Blessed be Yahweh, Because he hath heard the voice of my supplication.

7 Yahweh, is my strength and my shield, In him, hath trusted my heart, and I have found help,Therefore hath my heart danced for joy, and, with my song, do I praise him.

8 Yahweh, is strength to his people,And, the all-saving refuge of his Anointed One, is he!

9 Oh save thy people, and bless thine inheritance, Tend them also, and carry them, Unto times age-abiding.