1 Laulunjohtajalle. Daavidin psalmi. Lauletaan muistutusuhria uhrattaessa. (H70:2)Jumala, pelasta minut, Herra, riennä avukseni!

2 (H70:3)Pilkka ja häpeä niille, jotka väijyvät henkeäni! Perääntykööt lyötyinä kaikki, jotka tahtovat minulle pahaa.

5 (H70:6)Minä olen köyhä ja avuton, Jumala, riennä avukseni. Sinä olet minun apuni ja pelastajani, Herra, älä viivy!

1 To the chief music-maker. Of David. To keep in memory.

2 \70:1\Let your salvation come quickly, O God; come quickly to my help, O Lord.

3 \70:2\Let those who go after my soul have shame and trouble; let those who have evil designs against me be turned back and made foolish.

4 \70:3\Let those who say Aha, aha! be turned back as a reward of their shame.

5 \70:4\Let all those who are looking for you be glad and have joy in you; let the lovers of your salvation ever say, May God be great.

6 \70:5\But I am poor and in need; come to me quickly, O God; you are my help and my saviour; let there be no waiting, O Lord.